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Streets To Schools: How Education In India Can Reach Everyone

Absent in India's schools, which help reinforce power imbalances, is any real acknowledgement of ...


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Work → In Progress: The Freelancing Changes Afoot

Vaccines are slowly arriving, but many of the shifts COVID has created will be lasting. These reverberations are much deeper than just working from home or increased digitization — society's ...


Indian Farmer Protests: Cricket, Bollywood Icons v. Rihanna

NEW DELHI — India is a cricket-crazy nation. We love our cricketers and some of us even worship them. Also, we love our cinema. We look up to the reel life heroes and admire them with the ...


What's To Blame For COVID-19 Vaccine Delays Around The World

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Vaccines In India: I Wish I Could Trust The Government

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In India, Weaponizing Marriage Laws To Subjugate Muslims

The forced abortiona of a Hindu woman married to a Muslim man should be treated like murder by th...


"Cancel Culture" In India Looks Like Old-Fashioned Bigotry

Hindu nationalist groups want to force the cancellation of Netflix shows that celebrate inter-rel...