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China's 'One-Child' Generation Chooses Cats Over Babies

BEIJING — Menglin's boyfriend accompanied her to the clinic. It took less than 10 minutes for the doctor to place the contraceptive implant in Menglin's upper left arm. It's now very unlikely ...


Cheaters Gonna Cheat! The Student Ghostwriting Boom In China

What's an enterprising idea born out of lockdown? Get paid to take online courses for other peopl...


2020 Hindsight: Worldcrunch Staff Picks Our Top Stories

From The Freedom Of Vanlife To A Pandemic Quarantine — And Back Again? RUE AMELOT Pathogens In The Permafrost: A New Climate Change Health Risk LES ECHOS No Work, ...


In Singapore, Facebook Offers No Refuge For Freedom Of Speech

The city-state's leadership has never tolerated too much political dissent; and now when it comes...


The Party's Over: Exodus Pangs Of Hong Kong Elite

HONG KONG — Ten old college classmates had rented a room in a five-star hotel. There was plenty of laughing and joking and memories, but a sad feeling somehow lingered. The reunion was really ...


Will COVID-19 Make China's Movie Theaters Vanish Forever?

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on the Chinese film industry. But it's the movie houses themse...


WeChat Or Chinese Journalists: Who Is Doing China's Bidding Abroad?

Beginning last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has tightened access to media visas for any journalist holding a Chinese passport. The validity period of each visa delivered will be ...


Triple Murder In Zambia Feeds Growing China-Africa Tensions

From hospital beds in Mali to ventilators in Algeria to an airlift of supplies deliver by Ethiopian Airlines, China has used the pandemic to cement its economic footprint across the African ...