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WeChat Or Chinese Journalists: Who Is Doing China's Bidding Abroad?

Beginning last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has tightened access to media visas for any journalist holding a Chinese passport. The validity period of each visa delivered will be ...


Triple Murder In Zambia Feeds Growing China-Africa Tensions

From hospital beds in Mali to ventilators in Algeria to an airlift of supplies deliver by Ethiopian Airlines, China has used the pandemic to cement its economic footprint across the African ...


Hong Kong Crackdown: Xi Prepares For Final Sino-U.S. Showdown

HONG KONG — The Beijing authorities have finally decided to set aside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government and its Legislative Council and instead craft themselves a ...

United States

Chinese-American Trump Supporters Explain Themselves

A mix of love and hate mirrors their own feelings about Beijing.


Coronavirus — Global Brief: Quarantines Can Be Toxic For Domestic Violence

For the coming weeks, Worldcrunch will be delivering daily updates on the coronavirus global pandemic. The insidious path of COVID-19 across the planet is a blunt reminder of how small the world ...


Chinese Students In U.S.: Between COVID-19 And Geopolitics

BEIJING — On March 14th, Zhang Yuqing, a Chinese student studying in Chicago, finally made his way back home to Beijing. He had prepared ten N95 masks and a hand sanitizer for the trip that ...


In A Beijing Park, The Cold Calculations Of Senior Dating

Loneliness, sex and economics rule among aging singles in the Chinese capital.


Yulin To Paris: Dog-Eating At Center Of Animal Rights Battle

A Chinese dog meat festival has generated outrage in France. The controversy is a complex dance b...