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Coronavirus — Global Brief: Quarantines Can Be Toxic For Domestic Violence

For the coming weeks, Worldcrunch will be delivering daily updates on the coronavirus global pandemic. The insidious path of COVID-19 across the planet is a blunt reminder of how small the world ...


Chinese Students In U.S.: Between COVID-19 And Geopolitics

BEIJING — On March 14th, Zhang Yuqing, a Chinese student studying in Chicago, finally made his way back home to Beijing. He had prepared ten N95 masks and a hand sanitizer for the trip that ...


In A Beijing Park, The Cold Calculations Of Senior Dating

Loneliness, sex and economics rule among aging singles in the Chinese capital.


Yulin To Paris: Dog-Eating At Center Of Animal Rights Battle

A Chinese dog meat festival has generated outrage in France. The controversy is a complex dance b...


Same-Sex Marriage In Taiwan And The Pursuit Of True Equality

-OpEd- TAIPEI — It was back on May 24, 2017 that Taiwan's Constitutional Court ruled that the constitutional right to equality and freedom of marriage also takes into account same-sex ...