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In Singapore, Facebook Offers No Refuge For Freedom Of Speech

The city-state's leadership has never tolerated too much political dissent; and now when it comes...


Understanding China's Huge Appetite For Binge-Eating Shows

Authorities have decided to start cracking down on popular web programs featuring pretty vloggers...


The Party's Over: Exodus Pangs Of Hong Kong Elite

HONG KONG — Ten old college classmates had rented a room in a five-star hotel. There was plenty of laughing and joking and memories, but a sad feeling somehow lingered. The reunion was really ...


Will COVID-19 Make China's Movie Theaters Vanish Forever?

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on the Chinese film industry. But it's the movie houses themse...


Triple Murder In Zambia Feeds Growing China-Africa Tensions

From hospital beds in Mali to ventilators in Algeria to an airlift of supplies deliver by Ethiopian Airlines, China has used the pandemic to cement its economic footprint across the African ...


Hong Kong Crackdown: Xi Prepares For Final Sino-U.S. Showdown

HONG KONG — The Beijing authorities have finally decided to set aside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government and its Legislative Council and instead craft themselves a ...

United States

Chinese-American Trump Supporters Explain Themselves

A mix of love and hate mirrors their own feelings about Beijing.


The Niche Businesses Feeding "Chinese Stomachs" In The U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic has been both a boost and a challenge for delivery services like Chowbus...