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United Kingdom

Northern Ireland: Born Of Strife, Erupting Again In Violence

After a century-long history of political strife, Brexit risks undoing the hard-earned two decade...

United States

History Lessons For COVID: The Fatal Price Of Impatience

A century ago, during the Spanish flu pandemic, Americans were eager let down their guard and get...

United States

Specimen Preservation Can Prevent Next Zoonotic Pandemic

Imagine yourself as the first naturalist to stand in a place where little recorded scientific knowledge exists, like Alfred Russel Wallace in the Malay Archipelago or Alexander von Humboldt in ...

United States

Artificial Intelligence Could Steal Our Jobs — And Our Souls

Technological progressions have always changed how we behave. But AI has much more far-reaching p...

United States

The Fragility Of American Democracy Is Nothing New

For many people, the lesson from the assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 – and more broadly from the experience of the last four years – is that American democracy has become newly and ...

United States

On "The Trump Question" - The Burden For Biden's Presidency

The assault on the Capitol wasn't an attempted coup, per se. But the ramifications of how to hold...

United States

After Trump, U.S. Faces Risk Of Slipping Into "Hybrid" Regime

From Venezuela to Belarus, there are countries that have elements of democracy but fall well shor...

United States

The Months That Will Turn Joe Into President Biden

For all his experience in government, Biden is entering unfamiliar territory. Trump, barking at t...