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Lombardy Postcard, The Autumn Of Our Second-Wave Angst

MILAN — I recently spent a weekend at the Lago d'Iseo, a picturesque area of Lombardy at the foot of the Alps east of Milan, the city where I live. The air was hot and still, resting damp and ...


When A Telework Veteran Takes Remote To Another Dimension

I've worked from home long before the coronavirus outbreak forced the rest of the world to go remote. When I used to talk about my job as a freelance writer and video editor — and the fact ...

United Kingdom

The Meaning Of A Face Mask, From Britain To Czech Republic

PRAGUE — Such a little thing, such a little thing, but the difference it made was grave. As so often happens, a line from Morrissey sums it up best. Back in my native Britain, that "little ...

United States

How Does It Sound? Bob Dylan, Between Headlines And Posterity

PARIS — Grandioso, say the Italians. Kolossalt for the Swedes. The Berkeley student newspaper called it monumental, while a Buenos Aires daily was stamping it patrimonio de la ...

Czech Republic

Paris To Prague: A Czech Homecoming And Quarantine Au Revoir

PRAGUE — As I walked down Avenue René Coty on a sunny day in late May, everything was like a Paris postcard — except that my glasses were fogging up over my facemask. But I knew the ...


From The Freedom Of Vanlife To A Pandemic Quarantine — And Back Again?

SAINT-BLIMONT — Two years ago, my partner and I set off across Europe in our campervan. We called it Foxy — and it was our home on wheels and ticket to freedom. In France, they still call ...


Beer And Other Essential Services In Mexico City

-Essay- MEXICO CITY — Confinement has had few consolations, in spite of all the efforts to sell it as an "opportunity for personal growth." The good news from where I sit is that I can ...


Taiwan To France, Witness To The Global Contagion Of Chinese Lies

As a Taiwanese, even one who has lived abroad for years, her instinct is to distrust the Chinese ...