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France's Covid Curfew And A Bad Case Of Deja Vu

"Bienvenue en Absurdie..." President Emmanuel Macron's announcement of at least four weeks of an all-night curfew in France's biggest cities sparked some colorful reactions — political and ...


"All Leaders Lie" - Trump Takes A Truism To Its Logical Extreme

A leader can, in good conscience, conceal dysfunctions, hide problems or mitigate difficulties. T...


Pathogens In The Permafrost: A New Climate Change Health Risk

French researchers have recovered a pair of viruses that were long frozen below the Siberian tund...

United States

Headlines And #Karma, World Reacts To Trump COVID Diagnosis

The news that Donald Trump has been infected with COVID-19 echoed around the world, making front pages and prompting a gush of wishes from leaders in all continents — and snark from many ...


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Beyond Science, The COVID-19 Vaccine Is A Question Of Trust

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How The Agricultural World Is Facing The Water Challenge

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Bad American Art — How Trump Looks In France

A self-described American aesthete has no good answers for her French friends aghast at the reali...