Le Soir ("The Evening") is one of the best selling French-language daily newspapers in Belgium. Founded in 1887 and is headquartered in Brussels, it is seen as liberal and progressive with politically federalist leanings.


Belgium Postcard: Fallen Statues And The Politics Of Public Aesthetics

Anti-racism and anti-colonial protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd raise new qu...


Brazil's Destroyed Museum And Burning Questions Beyond

RIO DE JANEIRO — Protests are expected to continue after the fire early Monday that largely destroyed Brazil's National Museum. The public's anger at the blaze, which is estimated to have ...

United States

Mueller, Madrid, Moscow: That Eternal Judiciary-Executive Collision

"Trump is finished." That sentence has been pronounced so often over the past 18 months that it has lost any real meaning. Still, the events unfolding in Washington right now are different. By ...