La Stampa ("The Press") is a top Italian daily founded in 1867 under the name Gazzetta Piemontese. Based in Turin, La Stampa is owned by the Fiat Group and distributed in many other European countries.


Food Or Safety? Lockdown And Migrant Laborers In Italy

Even as the total number of cases of COVID-19 decreased In Italy, an outbreak flared up in the southern province of Caserta among migrant agricultural laborers. Writing in the Italian daily La ...


As COVID-19 Starts To Spiral, A Grim View From A Doctor In Turin

Grueling shifts, grave warnings and the spectre of having to choose between the living and the dead.


If Penguins Could Text: African Birds Compress Language Like Humans

The tendency to compress language belongs not only to humans, but also to this particular African...


In Italy, An Eternal Glass Ceiling For Women Politicians

It's not that Italian women don't enter politics. But they don't, for the most part, rise through...


In The Kitchen Of The Future, 3D Printers Prepare Your Food

CAGLIARI — Danilo Spiga isn't your everyday chef. He is a trained engineer and all the dishes he cooks are crafted by 3D printers. None of the diners were sick after Spiga's meal at a ...


Kish, Iranian Oasis Of Freedom Far From Pious Mainland

KISH — The island of Kish is a far cry from the rest of Iran. Although it's just 19 kilometers from the mainland, this Persian Gulf outpost features the kind of open ...

Vatican City

Pope Francis And Barack Obama, Why The White House Believes

On the eve of the pontiff's visit to the United States, confidential Obama administration documen...