La Stampa ("The Press") is a top Italian daily founded in 1867 under the name Gazzetta Piemontese. Based in Turin, La Stampa is owned by the Fiat Group and distributed in many other European countries.


Coming Back Around, One Year Later: What COVID Took Away

ROME — The 70-something barista who served me an iced tea last July was proud of his historic cafe next to one of the city's best-known theaters. It was soon after the end of Italy's first ...


Italy And Fascism, A Lingering Question Of National Character

Giorgia Meloni, rising star of Italy's far-right, was a member of neofascist organizations in her...


Looking Europe's Migrant Crisis In The Eye

As tempting as it may be to just turn away, we lose a piece of our humanity every time we do.


Lukashenko To Putin: A New Cold War, Or Something Worse?

Western media like to run headlines warning of a "new Cold War" every time a new conflict or act ...


Rome Mayor Mistakes Another Arena For Colosseum, Sent To Lions

For the Romans, there's no other choice but the mortal (though virtual) thumbs down for their mayor. Yes, online commentators (and no doubt offline elders around the Italian capital) are ...


Nightmare In Italy: Lombardy Is COVID Epicenter Again

Locals can't tell whether it's a second or third wave ... or just a continuation of the first wav...


Doctor Draghi, Strong Medicine Or Just Another Painkiller?

Italy's new Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the highly respected former head of the European Central...