Il Sole 24 Ore ("The Sun 24 Hours") is Italy's leading business daily. Founded in 1965 as a merger between Il Sole and 24 Ore, the Milan-based publication is owned by Italy's main industrial association Confindustria.


Work → In Progress: Why Our Work Days Will Never Be The Same Again

The world found out quickly that COVID-19 would be a major interruption to the way we worked. By now, there is little doubt that the health pandemic — and resulting lockdown measures and ...


After COVID-19 Cut, Global Film Industry Looks To Bounce Back

No crisis has ever hit the entire film industry as badly as the coronavirus lockdown. With sets empty, movie premieres postponed, screenings canceled and box offices closed, the global film ...

United States

Black Lives Matter To The Whole World

The U.S. Civil Rights Movement of the mid-20th century took inspiration from the minds of freed American slaves and abolitionists like Frederick Douglass and black artists and poets like Langston ...


COVID-19, The Weight Of The Animal Factor

Preventing an epidemic like the coronavirus doesn't just require a robust human healthcare system, it also demands a full rethinking of our relationship with the animal kingdom. Just a few ...


Starbucks In Italy, Latest Stop On U.S. Food Imperialism Tour

Taco Bell in Mexico? McDonald's in Hamburg? Americans find the recipe abroad, bastardize it, and ...


Protests In Haiti As President Reestablishes National Army

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Haiti's national army was abolished 22 years ago after a disastrous period of military rule ended in a U.S.-led intervention that restored democracy in the Caribbean country. ...

United States

The World Marks One Year Since Trump Elected

-Analysis- A political neophyte who launched his presidential campaign by railing against Mexican "rapists" and "murderers" was never supposed to win, especially against a seasoned stateswoman ...


"She" Is The One: French First Lady Breaks Elle Magazine Record

Elle, Aug. 28, 2017 President Emmanuel Macron's popularity may be plunging right now but his wife, Brigitte, is in hot demand, in part over a controversy surrounding her status as France's ...