Gazeta Wyborcza ("Election Gazette") is a leading daily newspaper in Poland, and the country's most popular news portal. Founded in 1989 by Adam Michnik and based in Warsaw, the paper is now owned by Agora SA, and is described as center-left.


Poland, A Case Study In Modern Political Tribalism

Poles are divided into hostile tribes. Radicalization is on the rise, and institutions do little ...


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The Latest: Biden Pushes For Middle East Ceasefire, Migrant Exodus, Mafia Math

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The Latest: Modi's Defeat, Cryptocurrency Spikes, Colosseum's New Floor

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The Latest: Iran Vows Revenge, New Ecuador President, Remembering Gagarin

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The Latest: 3 Million COVID Deaths, Nuclear Deal Revived, Soviet LOTR

Welcome to Tuesday, where global COVID-19 death toll surpasses 3 million, the Iran nuclear deal is back on the table, and a Soviet-produced Lord of the Rings is unearthed. Thanks to Die Welt, we ...