El Universal is a leading Mexican daily newspaper published in Mexico City. Founded in 1916, it has positioned itself in the political center since current director Juan Francisco Ealy Jr. took the helm in 1969.


Out Of The Closet And Into Old Age: Caring For LGBT+ Seniors

Around the world, the first generations of openly LGBT+ people are arriving at a point in life wh...


Another Consequence Of Venezuela Crisis: A Sex Trafficking Boom

The economic collapse has created opportunities for Colombian gangs to exploit Venezuelan women a...


Drug Cartels Battle Over Mexico's Top University Campus

Open battles between major drug outfits are behind a series of recent killings at the National Au...


The Most Dangerous City In Mexico For Women

Ciudad Juárez, once torn by drug wars, experienced a 34% spike in femicides this year.

United States

The World Marks One Year Since Trump Elected

-Analysis- A political neophyte who launched his presidential campaign by railing against Mexican "rapists" and "murderers" was never supposed to win, especially against a seasoned stateswoman ...


Fleeing Violence, Central American Child Migrants Flock Into Mexico

MEXICO CITY — As the Trump administration threatens to expel nearly a million undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as children, Mexico is seeing a spike in arrivals of ...


How Mexico's Jalisco Drug Cartel Is Muscling Into U.S. Cities

MEXICO CITY — The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, or CJNG, has long controlled the drug trade in nine states in Mexico's south and west. But in recent months, the cartel has edged out Mexican ...


Mexico And Its Multitude Of Disappearing Languages

MEXICO CITY — Mexico is one of the world's most linguistically diverse countries, but many of its indigenous tongues are in serious danger of extinction. And unless efforts are undertaken to ...