Die Zeit ("The Time") is a German weekly founded in 1946 and headquartered in Hamburg. Its political views are considered centrist and liberal. It is known for its very large physical paper format and its long and detailed articles. Die Zeit it is the most widely read German weekly newspaper.


Migrant Influx Pushing Germany To Learn Arabic

HAMBURG — Few will deny that the influx of migrants in recent months, mostly coming from Syria and other Arab countries, has shaken up German society. ...

United States

The Trump Presidency: Tune In Or Tune Out?

PARIS — "Previously on President Trump …" We have gotten used to following the news from the White House as we would a prime-time television drama. This week's plot includes the long-awaited ...


Miami To Mumbai, Can "Sponge Cities" Save Us From Global Warming?

Miami's beaches and boardwalks have become waterways. Houston's highways looked like lakes just two weeks back, while halfway around the world boats were replacing buses as the streets of Mumbai ...