Founded in 1978 in Berlin, Die Tageszeitung, also known as "TAZ," is a left-leaning newspaper famous for its tongue-in-cheek headlines.


Trump's Big Mouth On German Front Page

Die Tageszeitung, Jan. 17, 2016 I love Germany. I love Great Britain. I love Mexico. I love free trade. I like Angela Merkel, but I don't know her. I liked President ...


From Mugabe To Merkel, The Many Ways To Cling To Power

-Analysis- Lord Acton's famous phrase about the corrupting effect of power (and absolute power) should have come with a footnote about the "clinging" factor. On any given day, it isn't hard to ...

United States

German Daily Turns Trump Into Rambo After Afghan Policy Reversal

Die Tageszeitung's Aug. 23 frontpage German daily Die Tageszeitung showed no photoshopping restraint on its Wednesday front page, in reaction to Donald Trump's decision to send more troops ...


A Not-So-Goode German Newspaper Ode To Chuck Berry

Die Tageszeitung, March 20, 2017 Monday's edition of Die Tageszeitung features a front page that, at best, we can call overly creative. The Berlin daily's editors unlikely photoshopped ...


German Front Page: Merkel Morphs Into Kohl

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed her run for a fourth time, Berlin-based daily Die...