Correio Braziliense is a daily newspaper from Brazil that was created in 1960 and is headquartered in Brasília.


Brazil's Temer Survives Corruption Vote

Correio Braziliense, Aug. 3, 2017 Brazil's President Michel Temer has survived a crucial vote in the lower house of Congress on whether he should be tried on allegations of corruption. The ...


Trump To Bolsonaro To Salvini: A Populist Aversion To Face Masks

MILAN — In our pandemic times, face masks are politics. Last Thursday, the debate arrived with fury at the Culture Commission of the Italian parliament. "I won't be gagged and I won't wear ...


Coronavirus — Global Brief: Why Are So Many Doctors Dying?

For the coming weeks, Worldcrunch will be delivering daily updates on the coronavirus global pandemic. The insidious path of COVID-19 across the planet is a blunt reminder of how small the world ...


Four Years Later, Brazil Counts On World Cup Superstition

Ask anybody with a minimum of knowledge about either the sport or the country, and they'll tell you that soccer in Brazil is like a religion. This truism becomes all the more true every four ...


Brazilian Daily Drops Corruption Bombs On Front Page

Correio Braziliense, April 12, 2017 A Supreme Court judge's bombshell decision has many of the Brazil's top political figures running for cover, the daily Correio Braziliense reports. ...