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The Latest: Biden And Putin Punt, Iran's Unpopular Elections, Heavenly Harmony

Welcome to Thursday, where Biden-Putin talks reinstate ambassadors but achieve little else, Japan lifts some COVID restrictions ahead of the Olympics and boy is the Rhine river filthy. We also ...


The Latest: Japan PM Stays On, UK Delays Reopening, Record Roller Coaster

Welcome to Tuesday, where Japan's Prime Minister survives a vote of no confidence one month before the Olympic Games, the UK delays its reopening for fears of the Delta variant spreading and a ...


The Latest: Bye Bye Bibi, Novavax Vaccine, Record-Breaking Houseplant

Welcome to Monday, where Israel gets a new Prime Minister after Netanyahu's 12-year tenure, more good news from another COVID-19 vaccine and a houseplant breaks a record in New Zealand. Ukrainian ...


The Latest: Biden In Europe, Suu Kyi Corruption Charges, Decuplets

Welcome to Thursday, where President Biden has begun his first foreign trip, Aung San Suu Kyi faces new corruption charges and a South African woman gives birth to what may be a record number of ...


The Latest: Global Mob Sting, Internet Crash, Canadian Hate Crime

Welcome to Tuesday, where an encrypted messaging app leads to a major global organized crime bust, many of the world's biggest websites were hit by global internet outages and there's a new ...


The Latest: Peru Election Too Close To Call, Pakistan Train Collision, Turkey Sea Snot

Welcome to Monday, where two Latin American countries await the results of key elections, a deadly train collision rocks Pakistan, and Turkey faces a worrying — not to say pretty yucky — ...


The Latest: Netanyahu Exit Nears, Canada Wants Pope Apology, Going Back To Venus

Welcome to Thursday, where Netanyahu's 12-year tenure as Israel's Prime Minister appears to be coming to an end, Canada calls on Pope Francis to apologize and NASA is finally going back to Venus. ...