Clarin is the largest newspaper in Argentina. It was founded in August 1945 and is based in Buenos Aires.


Praise Putin! Vaccine Geopolitics In A Small Argentine Town

For a brief, strange moment this week, the geopolitics of the COVID-19 pandemic shifted from world capitals and pharmaceutical giants to a small town in Argentina. That's where Juan Carlos ...


Sugar Dating: When Is Getting Paid For It Not Prostitution?

Sugar dating, where an older partner provides "a little assistance" to those who are usually youn...


Pandemic And City Parks: A Reminder That Green Spaces Matter

Argentine landscape historian Sonia Berjman deplores a lack of long-term planning and park mainte...


Venezuela's PDVSA, Mixing Big Oil And Leftist Politics

Venezuela's PDVSA, once among the world's most powerful oil firms, was transformed and largely gu...


Like U.S., Brazil May See Strong Economic Bounce After COVID

The price, however, is being paid in lost lives.


In Latin America, The Pandemic Has Been Bad For Civil Rights

Civil society's scope and powers are taking a hit in places like Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.


The Made-In-Argentina Product Every Glamper Needs

Javier Franco, a mountain guide in Argentina Patagonia, started with an idea. Next he had a proto...


2020 Hindsight: Worldcrunch Staff Picks Our Top Stories

From The Freedom Of Vanlife To A Pandemic Quarantine — And Back Again? RUE AMELOT Pathogens In The Permafrost: A New Climate Change Health Risk LES ECHOS No Work, ...