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Hannah Arendt, Redux: The Enduring Power Of The Political Lie

Leaders like Trump and Bolsonaro don't just bend the truth. By using lies as a consistent politic...


The Pandemic And The Perilous Return Of Plastic

In normal times, we might be writing this month about the annual momentum gathering for the Plastic Free July challenge. Launched in 2011 by the Australia-based Plastic Free Foundation, the idea ...


Bad To Worse: The Homeless And COVID-19

Like so many before him, João took a bus to Rio de Janeiro in search of the kind of hope and economic opportunity that only big cities promise. "I came looking for something better, then the worst ...


Work → In Progress: Designing A Post-Pandemic Future

Let's not forget that well before COVID-19, we often referred to the "revolution" underway in the workplace. Automation, digitalization, climate change and other seismic shifts were bringing upon ...


COVID-19 Culprits? Seeking Justice For Pandemic's Toll

Here in the Italian region of Lombardy, which has been one of the pandemic's deadliest epicenters, months of grief have now turned to anger. It began as relatives of COVID-19 victims formed a ...

United States

The Vaccine Sprint Accelerates

The global death toll in the COVID-19 pandemic has passed 475,000, and the confirmed cases are now more than nine million worldwide. But there's another number that looms: fear of the pandemic's ...


Across The Americas, The Drive To Cancel Columbus

-OpEd- BUENOS AIRES — Anti-racism protestors who've demonstrated in recent weeks, and in countries all over the world, are taking their frustrations out on historic figures, toppling or ...


Privacy At Risk, From GDPR To Israeli Spyware

There is nothing like a highly contagious pandemic to remind us how each of our lives is connected to our neighbors — and the rest of the world. That takes on a different form in our digital ...