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Urban Exodus? First Signs Of A Move Out Of The World's Cities

When the coronavirus hit, Valérie, a rising business executive used to a grueling daily commute into Paris, realized her life needed to change. Now, she and her husband have revived a long dormant ...


Coronavirus: What's The Real Death Toll In Wuhan?

Determining how many people really died in the Chinese city where COVID-19 began may help to unde...


China To Its Citizens: Go Ahead And Film The Cops

BEIJING — China's Ministry of Public Security has weighed into a national debate about citizens filming police actions with an attention-grabbing video of its ...


Why China's Middle Class Is Suddenly Being Squeezed

BEIJING — Chinese people watching American television series are exposed to an enviable image of an average middle class ...


In China, Where 15 Million Graduates Face Poor Job Prospects

BEIJING — China established a policy for increasing university enrollment in 1999 in order to boost the economy and spur employment. By 2002, some 1.45 ...


How U.S. "Diploma Mills" Are Duping Chinese Students

Trump University isn't the only questionable American higher education institution. Other...


What's Hit The Brakes On China's Foreign High-Speed Rail Ambition

-OpEd- BEIJING — On June 9, U.S. company XpressWest suddenly announced that it would end the joint venture agreement that it had signed with China ...