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Salvini To Bolsonaro: Risking Lives And Pushing The Limits Of Democracy

Few outside his native Italy had heard of Matteo Salvini before he emerged in 2018 as the new global star of far-right populism. Catapulted by the election success of his League party, the scruffy ...


PEMEX And The President: AMLO Must Take On Mexico's Oil Giant

If the López Obrador government really wants to restore the state oil firm's status as a c...


Apocalypse Fiction And COVID-19: Why Life Didn't Imitate Art

In the movie version, the contagion would lead to lawlessness and chaos. But in reality, institut...


It's Time To Flatten The Climate Change Curve Too

There are important lessons to be learned from how the world mobilized to contain the novel coron...


Quebec To Cairo, The Pandemic's Heavy Toll On Migrant Workers

The COVID-19 crisis has been particularly disruptive for people who earn a living by moving from ...


Why It's Far Too Soon To Start Betting On Biden

The protests, pandemic and poor U.S. jobs numbers all seem to spell trouble for President Donald ...


Work → In Progress: Designing A Post-Pandemic Future

Let's not forget that well before COVID-19, we often referred to the "revolution" underway in the workplace. Automation, digitalization, climate change and other seismic shifts were bringing upon ...


A Tale Of Three Pandemics: Tracing Mexico's Evolving Ties With China

Unlike the SARS and H1N1/09 outbreaks, which caused friction between the two countries, the COVID...