The Egyptian Today is the country's flagship independent newspaper. Founded in 2004, the daily is published in Arabic in print and online, and has a sister website in English called Egypt Independent.


In Syria, Is There A Place For Honest Crime-Fighting?

ALEPPO — The atmosphere was tense in Bustan al-Qasr after a Friday protest turned into a fight between two groups, one calling for an Islamic state after ...


The Dark Side Of The Revolution For Egypt's Coptic Christians

-Essay- CAIRO - Copts are being persecuted in Egypt. So, what’s new about that? This has been the norm in our ...


The Polluted Beaches Of Discord Between Egypt And Israel

CAIRO - Rafah and other cities on the Sinai peninsula’s north coast have been suffering from pollution of the ...


Post-Revolution, Street Music Brings Solace To Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA — Misr Station in downtown Alexandria is not much to look at by the standards of the ...


Will Woman-Only Transport Solve Egypt's Sexual Harassment Problem?

Some say, in the long run, segregating bus and tram lines will actually make it worse.


Egypt Asks, Does Poisoning Stray Dogs Violate Sharia Law?

MOQATTAM - After stray dogs violently attacked two children in Moqattam last month, their families pressured the local veterinary council to put an end to the ...


In Egypt, Treasured Archeological Sites Bulldozed And Looted

Warnings that the government has failed to protect Antinoupolis, among the largest Egyptian archa...


The Historical Falsehoods And Misleading Language Of West Bank "Settlements"

Palestinians are victims not only of Israeli power politics, but of linguistic deception.