Full Translation Of French Anti-#MeToo Manifesto Signed By Catherine Deneuve

Some 100 prominent French women artists and intellectuals have issued an open letter in Le Monde condemning the movement to call out inappropriate male behavior that erupted in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Interview With A Recovering Hippie Named Paulo Coelho

In his most recent book, best-selling author Paulo Coelho revisits his nomadic past, when he embarked from Brazil on a voyage that took him all the way to Kathmandu.

Welcome To Songdo, South Korea: The Smartest Of Smart Cities

Many have hailed the innovations of Songdo, a planned community near the South Korean capital of Seoul. But the city, which once served as a set for the "Gangnam Style" music video, also has its critics.

ONE SHOT (Video)
Eddie Adams' Iconic Saigon Shot, 50 Years Later

For Dating Sites, Artificial Intelligence v. The Human Heart

French experts doubt that a machine can help you find your soulmate better than trusting the eternal language of love.

Mohamed Salah, The Soccer Star Inspiring Egypt's Youth

In the year of Mohamed Salah's rise to fame as one of the world's best soccer players, his every move and success has been well documented across the globe, no more so than in his native Egypt.

How Trump Forced A News Columnist Into News Detox

News used to be a cherished staple for writer and conflict-resolution expert Aldo Civico. But when Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential elections, he had to take a break — for sanity's sake.

Chinese Business Meets Confucius, On The Enduring Power Of Relationship

Why This Caribbean Island Has Streets Paved In Plastic

The Honduran island of Utila, in the Caribbean Sea, is using the copious amounts of trash that wash ashore to build roads.

Boyan Slat, A (Nicer) Elon Musk To Save Our Oceans

The project "The Ocean Cleanup" wants to use its system to rid the oceans from plastic waste. The founder thinks big about the planet and beyond. And he's not a jerk.

Pink Cocaine: New Mystery Drug Hits Buenos Aires Club Scene

"Tuci," as it's known locally, is making its mark in the Argentina. But is it really the designer drug 2C-B, or just a dirty mix concocted by Colombian dealers?

Beyoncé, Jay-Z And The Louvre, The Making Of A Museum Marketing Coup

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