The Latest: Pope Francis In Iraq, Youtube & Myanmar Military, Rescued Kittens

Welcome to Friday, where Pope Francis arrives in Baghdad, Youtube shuts down Myanmar military channels and a Thai cat rescue is captured in photos. We've also got a reportage from China, ...

China's 'One-Child' Generation Chooses Cats Over Babies

BEIJING — Menglin's boyfriend accompanied her to the clinic. It took less than 10 minutes for the doctor to place the contraceptive implant in Menglin's upper left arm. It's now very unlikely ...

Sexism, Gastronomy: Bitter Recipe In French Culinary Schools

A growing number of women are speaking out against the pervasive harassment they experience in hospitality schools and apprenticeship situations.

Why Latin Americans Fear The Chinese Vaccine

People around the world and around Latin America are wary of the vaccination campaigns to fight COVID-19. But there is a particular hesitancy toward the vaccine solution arriving from China that by now should be discarded, along with stereotypes.


With A Family Pardon 42 Years Later, Iranian Murderer Avoids Hanging

Iran carries out more executions than nearly any other country in the world. China, which treats its capital punishment data as a state secret, is believed to be the only country that uses the ...


Why Morocco Is So Much Faster Than Europe In Vaccination Race

The North African country was quick to react when COVID-19 first showed up and is now outpacing places like Germany in a rush to immunize its citizens.

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Artificial Intelligence Could Steal Our Jobs — And Our Souls

Technological progressions have always changed how we behave. But AI has much more far-reaching potential to change the very meaning of what it is to be a human.


Montachoques Extorsion: Accidents Waiting To Happen In Mexico City

For drivers in Mexico, the rule of thumb for traffic accidents is simple: el que pega, paga! In other words, the perpetrator of a crash — i.e. the incoming vehicle — pays. In a country ...


Iran Regime Up To Old Tricks Ahead Of Nuclear Talks

With its nemesis Donald Trump gone, Iran's regime has resumed old practices ahead of possible talks on its nuclear program, goading the West with suspect activities and meddling in the affairs of neighboring states.


You Touched It, You Bought It: Street Card Scam For COVID Times

Like the rest of us, street hustlers are adjusting to pandemic conditions. In Laval, a small city in western France, a young man who might have otherwise been taking passersby for a ride with ...


Sugar Dating: When Is Getting Paid For It Not Prostitution?

Sugar dating, where an older partner provides "a little assistance" to those who are usually younger and "needy" has quietly found a niche in the land of Latin lovers.


The Plastisphere: Ocean Pollution May Trigger Next Pandemic

Plastic pollution has contaminated our oceans to the point where a new ecological niche of anthropic origin has been coined: the "plastisphere". The bacteria that proliferate there could lead to the next health crisis.


Streets To Schools: How Education In India Can Reach Everyone

Absent in India's schools, which help reinforce power imbalances, is any real acknowledgement of street-level efforts to push back.


Biden On Trade: Trump-Like Protectionism, With A Smile

The Democrat Joe Biden may not sound as aggressive as Trump in protectionist policy to support American firms global competitors, but will broadly follow his policies.


Islam Became A 'Problem' In France When Muslims Became French

For decades, France did well in accommodating the religious needs of Muslims — on the condition they went back to their country of origin. Now, demands to express one's faith are often labeled: separatism.


Top Italian Education Official Mistakes Dante For Mickey Mouse

Shortly before being appointed Undersecretary for Education, Rossano Sasso dashed off for Rome, amid around-the-clock negotiations in the capital to form Italy's new government. And Sasso made ...

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The World's Social Media Alternatives To Facebook And Twitter

Whether governments exercising control or protest movements needing a boost, upstart social media platforms matter in places like Russia, Poland and India.


Risks To Iran's Food Supply: Blame The Pandemic And Politics

The decline of agriculture in Iran after the 1979 revolution and absence of proper farming policies are exacerbating the pandemic's effects to threaten its food security.


Nightmare In Italy: Lombardy Is COVID Epicenter Again

Locals can't tell whether it's a second or third wave ... or just a continuation of the first wave when Northern Italy was the West's first epicenter of the coronavirus.