Residents of Ballarpur city in India woke up to an unpleasant surprise this week, after a full-grown leopard had taken shelter in a cowshed during the night.

Early Monday morning, local residents of the busy neighborhood, with the help of a forest department team, eventually managed to capture the leopard.

The one injury reported can be seen in the below video: ouch! The animal was later released into the jungle.

This got us thinking that with mankind's forever expanding presence and the spread of urbanization, humans and animals are bound to come across each other more and more often.

These last few years have seen animals appearing in the most unexpected places, and of course 'captured' by the increasing number of recording devices in the hands of our planet's human residents. From a horse on a roof in Canada to goats in a tree in Morocco to a kangaroo a long way from down under, here is a global tour of animals in places you wouldn't expect.