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The Covid Blur: Lost In The Pandemic's Time-Space Continuum

The lockdowns have arrived as technology accentuates the passage from ritually organized time to ...


Sweden, The Final Proof That People Must Be Told What To Do

PARIS — Like much of the rest of the world, Sweden is now facing a second wave of coronavirus infections. But while other countries are debating which mix of restrictions to reinstate, the ...


How COVID-19 Environmental Optimism Went Up In Smog

PARIS — It was touted last spring as the silver lining of the coronavirus crisis: the lockdowns and travel bans might wind up being a boon for the environment. Air pollution numbers were down, ...


Inside Iran, Biden's Election Is Cause For Both Hope And Fear

Donald Trump's departure renews the possibility of talks between Washington and Tehran. But the I...

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Biden Wins: 46 World Newspaper Front Pages Of Next President

It's Joe! After the world watched for four days as the United States counted its votes, Joe Biden has clinched victory over Donald Trump in one of the most consequential presidential elections in ...

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Trump And The Totalitarian Temptation

By prematurely declaring victory, while the counting of votes is still ongoing, Donald Trump is t...

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Ivory Coast On The Potomac? Democracy At Risk In U.S. Election

-Analysis- PARIS — It was the kind of headline that risks fading into your news feed as if it were barely news: "Ivory Coast: As Presidential Election Approaches, International Criminal ...


Erdogan, Trump, Putin: Nationalists Backed Into A Corner

While populists toughen their positions and beat their chests, the deep-seated weakness of their ...


Green Colonialism: The New Face Of Environmental Hypocrisy

If you hated greenwashing, you'll be appalled by green colonialism.


COVID In Brazil, Cause And Effects Of Wealth Inequality

Rafaela Dutra was working in Rio de Janeiro's tourism industry and studying to become a nurse when the coronavirus arrived. A resident of the sprawling low-income favelas in the city's Zona Norte, ...


Nothing Quaint About India's COVID Exodus To Countryside

The pandemic has prompted many city workers to seek refuge back in the countryside roots. For the...

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How India's Hindu-Muslim Strife Could Help Trump In Texas

What is happening in India is casting a long shadow on the forthcoming U.S. elections.


In Egypt, Trying To Survive A Pandemic Without Enough Water

For rural communities in particular, serious water shortages were a big problem even before the C...


'Schadenfreude' For Trump, A German Dose Of Pandemic Justice

"Zeitgeist," "Kindergarten," "Wanderlust" have long since made it into international speak. Since...


Pathogens In The Permafrost: A New Climate Change Health Risk

French researchers have recovered a pair of viruses that were long frozen below the Siberian tund...


Preppers Of The World, Mask Up! Survivalism And COVID-19

With the pandemic, survivalists around the world have new reasons to prepare for the day it all c...


Lockdown All'Italiana: Trying To Find Comedy In COVID-19

Our Italian columnist has a chuckle at those wagging their social media fingers at the new movie ...


COVID-19 Sunset: A German Exodus From Spain's Costa del Sol

Around 140,000 Germans are residents in Spain, with large enclaves established on the southern co...


In China, The Post-COVID Boom Has Begun

How is the Chinese economy doing these days? Start by asking Louis Vuitton, whose flagship Beijin...


Coronavirus, One More Crisis For Italy's Forgotten Youth

A recent speech by former ECB chief Mario Draghi hit close to home in his native country.


Trump, Berlusconi And Democratic Lessons For Everyone

TURIN — Two months from election day, we can leave no doubt: Donald Trump is taking the Republican Party for a ride toward the Apocalypse. The Republic convention was a frantic exercise in ...


COVID Recovery? End-Of-Summer Checkup On Travel Industry

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, no sector in the economy has been hit harder than the travel industry. Following rolling global lockdowns through last spring, and resulting border ...