Fortune, June 25, 2015

Six months after the revelation that computer hackers had targeted Sony, leading to the release of a range of confidential information, Fortune has published an extensive investigative piece about the failure that led to the massive breach of security.

Read the first installment of the three-part series HERE.

After the November revelations — which included private emails, scripts of unreleased films and staff salaries — cyber-security experts were called in to better understand how the company had been compromised. Once inside the headquarters, the Norse Corp security experts were stunned by the striking lack of security in their Info Sec department. As one of them explains, the janitor could have walked in the room and taken control of the system.

Fortune's investigation was led by correspondent Peter Elkind, and includes interviews with present and past Sony executives, cyber-security experts and law enforcement officials. With the Sony example in mind, Elkind also tackles the wider subject of American companies' preparedness regarding this new type of threat.

ABOUT THE SOURCE: Fortune is a national triweekly American business magazine published by Time Inc. The magazine was founded in 1929 by Henry Luce.

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