CAMPINAS – A Brazilian transvestite has been arrested at Viracopos International Airport  for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs he'd packed into an extra-large prosthetic posterior, reports Folha de S. Paulo.

According to police in this southeastern Brazilian city, the suspect was due to embark on a Lisbon-bound flight operated by Portuguese airline TAP with 1.7 kilos of cocaine stashed in his bulging fake bottom.

[Source: EPTV screenshot]

The man was arrested as he was waiting in the line ready to embark to Europe. According to Brazilian daily O Globo, an anymous source had informed the police about the unusual smuggling operation.

The police found two bags of drugs in the transvestite's padded undergarments, as well as a cellphone with the contacts of the people waiting for the drugs in the final destination of Brussels.

[Source: EPTV screenshot]

The transvestite said he would receive 10,000 reais (about $5,000) for smuggling the drug to Europe, reports O Globo. According to police, the smuggler, 37, is from the northern city of Belem, but lives and works in São Paulo as a hairdresser.

[Source: EPTV screenshot]