By Patrick Randall

On June 21, the Swedish Barbecue Team won the European Barbecue Championship that took place in the heavenly town of Znin, in Poland. With 24 teams participating in eight different events that included cooking pork ribs, beef briskets or fish, this competition was one of the high points of the year for the world’s grilled meat enthusiasts.

The WBQA (World Barbecue Association), which was founded in 1977 in South Africa’s Cape Town, defines barbecuing as “a leisure-time sport” that “shall become, on all continents, a lifestyle that promotes peace and connects people.” Although vegans or vegetarians may not agree with such a statement, there is no doubt that grilling meat with one’s family or friends on a sunny weekend still remains a beloved activity around the world.

We know about the famous American barbecue, which reaches its apex on July 4, with its beef burgers and pork ribs. But what do they eat during these smoky gatherings, also called “BBQs” or “barbies”, in other countries? If you’re not hungry yet, prepare to be: here is a tour of the world’s best barbecue traditions.

Cover photo: Zou Zheng/Xinhua/ZUMA