BUENOS AIRES — The Coca-Cola Company is being forced to plant 60 trees in the Argentine capital after six trees that had been "blocking" one of its billboards were cut down. Coca-Cola officials deny that anyone associated with the company cut the trees.

The trees were found sawed down in the central Belgrano district of Buenos Aires earlier this week. Coke's representatives met with city planning official Patricio Di Stefano to tell him they would abide by the decision to plant established trees at least three meters high.

Di Stefano told Clarin that he doesn't believe Coca-Cola cut down the six trees, but the company's billboard lacked the relevant permits. City prosecutors are investigating both the tree-cutting and the possible permit violations. In Argentina, cutting down trees can be punishable by a prison term of between three months and four years. 

Suspicions first arose when employees of the Environment Ministry found that trees blocking the Coke poster had been cut, while four others that were not in the way had been left intact.