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How Young Should We Recognize Transgender Kids?

In southern France, a family asked the local elementary school to call their child a new name.


Coronavirus, One More Crisis For Italy's Forgotten Youth

A recent speech by former ECB chief Mario Draghi hit close to home in his native country.


Making Sense Of The Movement Toward Digital Immortality

With the advancement of AI technology, certain aspects of our individual being may survive beyond...


In India, A Manual And Movement To Talk Openly About Menstruation

-Analysis- CHENNAI — "What is this?," my curious seven year old asked, picking up a pack of sanitary napkins, as I found just the right position to take a picture to accompany an article on ...


Brutalism Is Back! — But With Some Softer Twists

Truth be told, the post-World World II frenzy for straight lines and exposed concrete never reall...


A Female Voice Busts Into 'Man's World' Of Moroccan Rap

With edgy lyrics and an attitude that's too legit to quit, rapper Houda Abouz — aka Khtek ...


Understanding China's Huge Appetite For Binge-Eating Shows

Authorities have decided to start cracking down on popular web programs featuring pretty vloggers...


A Swedish Boxer, Donald Trump And Our Culture Of Shame

Long before his sex scandal took over the front pages, every Swede knew Paolo Roberto. The son of an Italian father and Swedish mother, Roberto gained some notoriety in his teens as a street ...


Cairo Demolition: A City's Heartless Pursuit Of Progress

Families, neighborhoods and even the remains of loved ones are bulldozed over in order to build n...


How To Overcome British Bad Faith On Falklands Diplomacy

Argentina must boost its scientific activities in the South Atlantic and maintain diplomatic pres...


Donald Trump, Accident Or Consequence Of History

The bombastic president seems to have little regard for precedence or decorum. But is he just an ...


Greta! Will COVID-19 Make Or Break The "Climate Generation"?

Although the coronavirus pandemic is dominating global politics, Swedish environmentalist Greta T...


A Momentous And Wary Back-To-School Around The World

It's just one of many images of schoolchildren circulating around the world this week, but it comes with extra symbolism: 1.4 million students returned to their classes today in Wuhan, the central ...


An Economist's Wholehearted Defense Of Online Dating Sites

Platforms like Tinder have a reputation for facilitating quick hook-ups. But their impact on soci...


Forget Willy Wonka: The Fantastic Tales Of Spanish Chocolate

A chocolate museum nestled in Spain's small town of Astorga reveals how an exotic delicacy became...


How Sardinia's Dolce Vita Turned Into A COVID-19 Nightmare

On the Italian island's Emerald Coast, the summer lifestyles of the rich and famous ignored the t...


Why Feminism And Capitalism Can Never Be Reconciled

The 'feminist free marketeer' is an oxymoron, when the free market is a bastion of the socioecono...


Why The Pandemic Hits Iran's Working Women Harder

Joblessness is soaring in the western Asian nation, particularly among women, who are far more li...


Ein, Zwei, Dry: The German City Where Water Has Run Out

BERLIN — Germans are feeling the heat. For almost a week now, temperatures have been over 86 °F (30 °C) in most of the country, and every day a local council pleads with its residents not to ...


Toxic Cities, Expendable Lives: The Waste Crisis In India And Beyond

Unless we question the socio-economic structures associated with the production of waste and wast...


Pandemic Lessons From Open-Air School Movement, A Century Ago

In the early 1900s, the tuberculosis crisis inspired an outdoor-oriented education model that may...


Back To The Countryside: How COVID-19 Is Fueling A Rural Boom

For a long time, urbanization has been one of the defining features of our societies — a tendency that has accelerated with the growth of the information economy, with now half the world's ...