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How The World Of Design Is Embracing The New Normal

Around the world, creative minds are coming up with bright (or at least, new) ideas to help peopl...


COVID-19 Sparks First Signs Of Worldwide Bicycle Revolution

Across the globe, the coronavirus crisis has forced people to change not only the ways they work and interact with each other, but also how they travel. And in several countries, one of the ...


Coronavirus And The Problem With Cheap Sausages

Advertising has us convinced that cheap meat is something we can't live without. But the meat ind...


Health Moves Back To Center Of Urban Planning

When we think of modern urban planning, it tends to be focused on improving efficiency in where we live and work, and how we move from place to place. But it should also be about keeping us ...


In Taiwan, Where Seven Watermelons Spell Victory Over COVID-19

Taiwan's success in containing the coronavirus is certainly cause for celebration, and to really emphasize the point, farmers in one agricultural region decided this week that it's high time to ...


Fear And Loathing In The Time Of Contagion

It is, of course, inevitable that governments' stay-at-home orders and other emergency measures to contain the novel coronavirus would generate differences of opinion. And yet, even a few weeks ...


The Niche Businesses Feeding "Chinese Stomachs" In The U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic has been both a boost and a challenge for delivery services like Chowbus...

New Zealand

Eyebrows, Nods And Elbow Bumps: Handshake Alternatives Around The World

Humans have been greeting each others with handshakes for thousands of years. Are we witnessing the end to pressing the flesh, and giving some skin? "I don't think we should shake hands ever ...


Dining In The Street: COVID-19 Could Replace Cars With Tables

As the new pandemic reality requires radical rethinking about how we live our lives, one hint of where we may be going could appear this summer in a neighborhood near you. The re-opening of bars ...


On The Two Types Of Plagues, Viral And Ideological

The pandemic is prompting changes in politics, culture and personal conduct. Could these shifts b...


Closed Due To Coronavirus: View From A Rural German Restaurant

Tucked away in a isolated corner of Germany, the owners of a rural restaurant have somehow manage...


The World's Cities Get Ready To Take Public Transport Again

Fewer seats, fewer trains, more masks. A quick world tour from Milan to Paris, Beijing to Tehran ...


From French Cheese To Cow Urine, A Roundup Of Fake COVID-19 Remedies

As the coronavirus has spread across the world, so too have an array of fake remedies and cures that promise to protect people. Social media have been flooded with claims about foods, products and ...


In Eight Countries, Hard Choices In Bringing Students Back To School

When, who, how? Both the science and logistics are complex in deciding how to get hundreds of mi...


An Urban Pandemic: How COVID-19 Can Help Redesign Our Cities

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for the world's urban centers, and could be an opportunity to...


Stuck At Home? Let There Be Good Lighting

Now more than ever is the time to find just the right light for our homes and apartments.


Next On COVID-19 Calendar: Our Summer Vacations At Risk

Quarantines, closed borders, grounded airlines, crowded beaches ... It may be a summer to forget,...


Iran: Risks Of A Premature End To Quarantine

President Rouhani wants some activities to reopen, in open conflict with recommendations of natio...


Social Isolation And Social Media, A Toxic Combination

Do we need to see influencers in their designer pajamas?


New COVID-19 Risk: Annual Chinese "Tomb-Sweeping" Holiday

Authorities in China and Taiwan are worried that gatherings at cemeteries for the customary holid...

United States

Coronavirus And A Call For Gender Equality In Confinement

With the pandemic forcing entire families to stay at home, men need to make sure they're shoulder...


The Brave New World Of High-Tech Sex Toys

From long-distance pleasuring to hands-on stimulators, the 21st century adult toys market offers ...