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Biometric Risk: Why China Should Say No To "Face Swiping"

Registering facial recognition data with a biometric authentication application is all the rage i...


The Covid Blur: Lost In The Pandemic's Time-Space Continuum

The lockdowns have arrived as technology accentuates the passage from ritually organized time to ...


A Cold German Takedown Of Gender-Inclusive Language

There's a fundamental flaw in the case being made against certain grammatically gendered nouns.


The Pandemic As A Welcome Lesson In Humility

The coronavirus crisis has been stressful and tedious. But it's also a reminder that we can't hav...

United States

Trump Meet Mo Ibrahim: African Fix For An American Strongman

-Essay- PARIS — Every aspiring strongman must fulfill a number of prerequisites. He should be skilled at demonizing his opponents and intimidating his allies, manipulating the media and ...

United States

Biden Wins: 46 World Newspaper Front Pages Of Next President

It's Joe! After the world watched for four days as the United States counted its votes, Joe Biden has clinched victory over Donald Trump in one of the most consequential presidential elections in ...

United States

Trump And The Totalitarian Temptation

By prematurely declaring victory, while the counting of votes is still ongoing, Donald Trump is t...


A Trip To Nowhere? Twisted Travel Plans For Our Pandemic Times

-Essay- COVID-19's economic impact on travel is matched only by the existential impact on the modern traveler. In a sign of the desperation of both, several airlines and cruise ship companies ...


Dinner With Netflix, When A Lockdown Drama Turns Extra Dark

From the moment the movie began, I had a funny feeling. First, there were no opening credits — nothing to tell us who the producers or director were nor what famous actors would appear. No ...


Straight Outta Kölnberg: Inside Germany's "Hood Video" Boom

Criminal turned YouTuber Max Cameo is one of several German vloggers using their knowledge of the...


COVID In Brazil, Cause And Effects Of Wealth Inequality

Rafaela Dutra was working in Rio de Janeiro's tourism industry and studying to become a nurse when the coronavirus arrived. A resident of the sprawling low-income favelas in the city's Zona Norte, ...


'Schadenfreude' For Trump, A German Dose Of Pandemic Justice

"Zeitgeist," "Kindergarten," "Wanderlust" have long since made it into international speak. Since...

Czech Republic

A Czech Exception? LGBTI Push For Progress In Central Europe

Attitudes are shifting in countries with both a communist past and strong Christian roots.


Buenos Aires To Paris, Don't Blame Covid For Killing Culture

Swedish-born, Paris-based writer Carl-Johan Karlsson has been seeing "dead museums" since the pan...


Systemic Racism, Italian Style

Simply condemning the recent racist violence in Italy falls short in confronting a colonial past ...


China To Mexico, COVID-19 Exposes Violence Against Women

People are dying, economies are tanking and politics are awry. But that's no excuse to short-shri...


How Sweden's Social Democrats Fell In Love With Amazon

"Amazon is ‘un-Swedish'..." Yes, in my country too, you'd probably hear something called osvenskt in one of those low-budget conference halls where "patriots" gather to drink domestic beer and ...


The View From Wuhan, Where China 'Won The War' On COVID-19

Eight months after cutting itself off from the world, the Chinese megalopolis is coronavirus-free...


Italy's Election, A Sign That Trump Could Pay For COVID-19

Italian populist party leader Matteo Salvini's disappointing results in regional elections is bei...


Lockdown All'Italiana: Trying To Find Comedy In COVID-19

Our Italian columnist has a chuckle at those wagging their social media fingers at the new movie ...


India's Liberals And The Misguided Appeal Of Religious Nostalgia

Hindutva is a menace of Indian society, and to confront it head on, liberals need to stop celebra...