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Soccer, The European Soft Power That Politics Can Only Dream Of

The Euro 2021 Football competition is a reminder that European integration can take many forms.


China: The Public's Right To Speak Up On Family Planning Policy

The CCP is not used to sharing the decision-making role with the public, but that may be exactly ...

United States

Black Artists And Writers Give Another Voice To Appalachia

Known as Afrilachia, the African-American culture that spawned in the rural areas around West Vir...


Dutch Animal Rights Law Could Make Leashing Dogs Illegal

Pushed by a small but influential animal rights party in the Netherlands, the law could also ban ...


Good And Evil Uses Of Facial Recognition Around The Globe

Much has been said about China's use of biometric technology for mass civilian surveillance. But ...


The Ital Diet, A Rastafarian Recipe For Eating Right

For a combination of spiritual and political reasons, Rastas developed a diet based on healthy, l...


Sonic COVID: Listening To The Pandemic's Sounds And Silences

Particularly in mega cities like New Delhi, the pandemic and its accompanying lockdowns have chan...


Asparagus Recipe Baked Into Belgian Legal Decree

"Preheat oven to 250 °C, add three teaspoons of salt into water, rinse and peel the asparagus and wait 30 minutes before cooking…" If you are craving asparagus au gratin after reading these lines, ...


The Hard Part About Restarting A Social Life After COVID

Friends, colleagues, countrymen: After many long months of distancing, masks, quarantine, curfews...


The Pundits And Us: Traps Of Our Commentariat Society

Staying updated with the news has become a way to pass time, but there are real effects on the he...


The Openly Gay Priest Shaking Up The Catholic Church In Germany

Holger Allmenroeder is a Catholic priest who is also openly gay. He supports gay and lesbian peop...


French Hospital Accidentally Shows Porn To Emergency Room Patients

You've heard of NSFW (Not Safe for Work), but what about NSFH (Not Safe for Hospitals)?


Netflix And French Cinema: Love-Hate Sequel Of A Hollywood Past

After a rocky start, relations between the streaming giant and the French film ecosystem have imp...


Femicide In Tunisia: Why A New Law Couldn't Crack The Patriarchy

A recent spousal killing in El Kef demonstrates how vulnerable Tunisian women remain despite the ...


In Mexico, Drop In Life Expectancy Linked To Drug Cartel Violence

MEXICO CITY — Crime in Mexico related to gangs and drug cartels is believed to have shortened the lifespan of the country's residents, according to a new study. The National Police report ...


In Rome, "Social Carpentry" Is A Tool For Integration

A unique project in the Italian capital brings together experienced carpenters to share their ski...

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Happy Birthday Bob Dylan! From The World, In 11 Languages

To celebrate Bob's 80th birthday, a sampling of his songs sung from every corner of the planet.


That Was Fast! Teenager Loses Driver's License 30 Minutes After Obtaining It

PARIS — Getting your driver's license in France is no small feat. Endless hours of studying the holy "code de la route" for a tricky written exam, followed by a minimum of 20 hours of ...


Holy Incense And Baby Whales: How We've Measured Social Distance

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a part of our daily lives for more than a year now, including through a range of rules and restrictions to follow to avoid contracting (or disseminating) the virus. ...


Poland, A Case Study In Modern Political Tribalism

Poles are divided into hostile tribes. Radicalization is on the rise, and institutions do little ...


Why Italy Is So Slow In Protecting LGBTQ From Violence

Proposed Italian legislation to punish public acts of homophobia continues to be blocked by both ...


I'm Vaccinated, Now Let Me Live! Time To Set The Inoculated Free

Die Welt journalist Peter Huth argues that those who can't catch COVID-19 should not be subject t...