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How The Real Estate Market Ghettoizes Muslims In India

A year after riots in Delhi and elsewhere, Muslims are being forced out of their neighborhoods.


Different Ways The World Is Commemorating COVID-19's Victims

From a Swiss music box to a Chilean quilt, different projects seek to leave a tangible sign of th...


From Astrophysics To Zebras, A World Tour Of Weird Livestreams

Remember when time was one of the most limited resources anybody could have? Juggling our agendas, we rushed between work meetings, weekend trips, shopping, dinners and countless other social ...


A Smoking Ban On Balconies? Warsaw Tests The Edges Of Freedom

Proposals to ban smoking on private balconies are led by activists trying to modify citizen's lif...


COVID Weighs On Shanty Town Life In New Delhi

Residents of the state's "bastis" get free rations and state-provided services on the back of ID ...


No More Mozart? Classical Music V. Cancel Culture

The University of Oxford is planning to change its curriculum to focus on fewer white composers a...


Iranian Grandmother's Pardon Of Thieving Grandson Saves His Hand, Literally

There are the laws of the nation, then there's what grandma says. Those two codes collided in a recent case in Iran, where a grandmother who was robbed by her own grandson was ready to see him pay ...


Restaurant, Mon Amour: A French Reflection On Lockdown Choices

By closing bars and restaurants, we are not only depriving the sharing of meals but also the real...


Men Dressed As Mickey Mouse And Winnie The Pooh Grope Teens In France

Cartoon characters parading down the streets are usually synonymous with childhood glee, theme parks and carnival floats. But as French daily Le Parisien reports, recent encounters with the ...


Argentina's Meat Industry Has A Beef With Paul McCartney

Is the former Beatles band mate to blame for declining beef consumption in the BBQ-loving country?


After 58 Years On The Run, Man Finds Out He Didn't Kill His Cousin

The Colombian man was located in Brazil, and has spoken by phone to his 95-year-old mother, but s...


Child Marriage In Iran: Is 13 Too Young? Some Are Even Younger

The Islamic Republic allows girls as young as 13 to marry legally. On top of that, a lack of enfo...


Child Soldiers In Colombia: Victims Or Killers?

Underage or not, guerillas who continue taking up arms against the state are "war machines," the ...


Algerian Farmer Digs For Water, Strikes Oil

While drilling deep for water last week in his field near Ouled Rahmoune, in northeastern Algeria, a farmer was surprised to see a liquid pouring from the pipes of a very different consistency, ...


In Madagascar, The Democratization Of French Cheese

In one of the world's poorest countries, cheese is still a niche market. And yet, little by littl...


Court Orders French Celebrity Magazine To Pay Homeless Man €40,000

Since its founding in 1949, the iconic French weekly Paris Match has published countless photos of the rich and powerful — and every now and then, a paparazzi shot might cost them. This ...


Biomimicry: Learning From Nature To Create New Technology

Can nature save capitalism? Biomimicry is thought-provoking because it provides many sources of i...


Snacking Burglar Betrayed By Sausage Bite Nine Years Later

The proof, this time around, was not in the proverbial pudding. It was in the sausage. As daily Berliner Kurier reports, police this week said they have identified the culprit in a 2012 ...


Pandemic Forces French To Buy Their Frogs From Vending Machine

You're hungry and restaurants aren't serving because of COVID lockdowns, but at least there are always vending machines. Hmmm? What looks tempting from behind that plexiglass?A Snickers bar or a ...


How An Iconic Buenos Aires Ice Cream Shop Melted Away With COVID

BUENOS AIRES — It's only now that the news is finally spreading. El Vesuvio, the country's oldest heladería (ice-cream shop), is no more. Founded in 1902 by the Cocitori family, the ...


Potty-Mouthed Grandma Strikes A Chord In Paraguay Protests

Amid a wave of protests against the Paraguayan government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, one unlikely voice — that of a sharp-tongued, silver-haired abuelita (grandmother) — has ...


French Survivors Of Terrorism Must Now Battle Online Abuse

Three survivors of terrorism in France are now being targeted online for the compassion they have...