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Glamping Like A Viking, How To See Greenland's Tundra In Style

The summer season in Greenland is fleeting. As the snow melts into the tundra, modern day Eskimo descendants reconnect with their ancestral habits. There is also the deluxe option for tourists.

KITAA — Atop the garnished table, cinnamon scented candles diffuse a warm, amber light. The ravioli of lobster and Madagascar green pepper are bathed in a perfumed parsley foam, later joined by a fillet of halibut, served on zucchini caviar. All will be topped by a generous serving of ivory-heart cheesecake drizzled with a red fruit coulis. Far from the glitzy ambiance of an exclusive Parisian restaurant, this tantalizing meal takes place in quite literally, it is polar-opposite setting: under the canvas of a tipi near the edge of the vast Greenland tundra.

Comfortably seated on plush sheepskin, the remarkable ease of the gourmet dining experience paints a stark comparison to that of ice-clearing European explorers who, just a century or so ago, were warming themselves by the flame of a stove powered by nothing but seal fat, huddled under a makeshift shelter, chewing the leather of their belts, their bodies ravaged by scurvy.

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Top Of The World, One Family's Adventures To The North Pole

Now on their third 'Under the Pole' expedition, French explorers Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout and Ghislain Bardout (and their two sons) just can't get enough of the far north.

UUMMANNAQ ISLAND — The telephone network is far from optimal on Uummannaq island along Greenland bay, but Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout and Ghislain Bardout wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Three months ago, the couple left their hometown of Concarneau, in France's Brittany, and set sail for Greenland aboard their sailboat, the WHY. Accompanied by a crew of 12 people, this is their third in a series of Arctic expeditions that they plan to continue making until 2020. This isn't just a professional project; it's also a life adventure. Along for the ride are their two sons — Robin, aged five, and Tom, a toddler — and their dog Kayak.

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