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French Polynesia


Paradise Lost - How Tahiti Is Turning Into An Open Garbage Dump

TUBUAI – For the past 30 years, local residents from the Austral Islands have been dumping their garbage just a few kilometers from the Tubuai airport, in the swamps.

"When the hole starts to overflow, we pack it with machines, we fill the hole and dig a new one," explains Therese, who owns a bed and breakfast not far from the swamp. In the past, high grass would grow there, but no more. "We need to shut down the site as soon as possible" says Fernand Tahiata, the mayor. "We know that the dump creates major pollution."

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Unfurl The Mystery Of Tahiti's Fragrant Monoi Road

PAPEETE – Regardless of what geographers might say, there is a certain proximity between Tahiti and Iceland…

The lush green rock dropped in the middle of the southeast Pacific Ocean might be a hundred times smaller than the chunk of windswept ice in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, but insularity is not about surface or latitude. Both islands were born from volcanic events. The Polynesian island and her far-away cousin are two wild creations. To get to know them, there is nothing better than to hit the coastal road – another thing they have in common.

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