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Panodyssey, the social media dedicated to creative writing.

The culture sector is booming. In recent years, social media has changed the way creators share content with their audiences while allowing new talents to shine, in particular in the music and video industry. Now the writing world can turn to Panodyssey as its bespoke social network - at the service of authors, journalists, and their readers.

Panodyssey, the social media dedicated to creative writing

Panodyssey is a creative and collaborative platform where professionals and non-professionals creators alike can share their fiction or nonfiction content. It brings together writers and readers around common values that reconcile ethics and the digital world. The platform allows writers to hone their creative writing skills through new formats. Panodyssey also integrates native features that make it possible for authors to foster their community and manage their earnings based on their objectives - all the while keeping copyrights in mind and ensuring transactions are secured thanks to blockchain technology.

Today, Panodyssey is preparing for the creation of a cross-industry consortium, under Creative Europe’s new Lab Innovation program, the next step on its road to becoming the leading European platform for online content publishing.

The creation of the CREA (Creative Room European Alliance) consortium and the support of the European Commission is an important milestone for Panodyssey to reach a European audience. It will allow us to provide writers with an innovative platform that offers something truly different from the platforms already available in the U.S. - says Alexandre Leforestier, Panodyssey’s CEO.

The consortium is comprised of 9 international partners based in 5 countries (Bulgaria, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy) across varied sectors such as news, culture, education, and technology.

The goal is to create a new European digital space thanks to an innovative approach built around digital content creation and diffusion. The main focus is on social topics such as fake news and media training, which are priorities for the EU. By 2030, Panodyssey aims to reach 10 millions digital creators and 100 millions online users, and become a bonafide alternative to GAFAM companies.

The consortium is set to grow in 2022, with the addition of new economic partners and countries, and in term become a reference in the audiovisual, cultural, and art sectors.

Logo of the Panodyssey social network and the CREA consortium, an initiative promoted by the European Commission.Logo of the Panodyssey social network and the CREA consortium, an initiative promoted by the European Commission.

Creative Innovation Lab

Within the EU’s Creative Europe program, the cross-industry part targets cultural & audiovisual parties and news media. The Creative Innovation Lab supports European cooperation in an effort to experiment and develop new business models with long-term positive outcomes for the cultural and art industries.

CREA members 🇪🇺 🇫🇷 🇧🇬 🇭🇺 🇮🇹 🇪🇸

The consortium is curently based on 9 partners in 5 European countries (Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain) and 5 sectors: Technology, Media, Audiovisual, Creative, Education.

  • AGENCIA EFE: Spanish press agency, European leader in the audiovisual sector (1939)
  • BSC SME: Bulgarian non-governmental organization in the cultural sector (1996)
  • CAP DIGITAL: European competitivity and digital transformation hub (2006)
  • CEIPES: Italian institution for education and development (2007)
  • PANODYSSEY: French start-up in the digital content sector (2018)
  • PRO PROGRESSIONE: Multidisciplinary Hungarian organization for the arts and culture (2008)
  • VENETIAN CLUSTER: Italian cluster for culture and innovation, based in Venice (2014)
  • VOXEUROP: Multilingual online media with an European reach (2014)
  • WORLDCRUNCH: International English-language media (2011)