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Get Up! New Studies Warn About Taking Pandemic Sitting Down

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Argentina Eyes Herd Immunity — And Healthcare Reform

The scale and spread of the coronavirus pandemic may make so-called "herd immunity" virtually ine...

United States

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COVID: The Second Wave Looks Just (And Nothing) Like The First

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When World Leaders Get Sick: Health, Lies And Videotape

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China To Mexico, COVID-19 Exposes Violence Against Women

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How The Pandemic Is Changing Birth Control Choices

As the pandemic's first wave of lockdowns began, there was plenty of chatter about how it would affect couples, relationships and sex — and consequently what it would mean for contraception. ...


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Italy's Election, A Sign That Trump Could Pay For COVID-19

Italian populist party leader Matteo Salvini's disappointing results in regional elections is bei...


Open Or Close Borders? The Impossible Choice Isn't Going Away

Viewed from the proverbial (and literal) 30,000 feet, the most stunning consequence of the coronavirus pandemic may have been the sudden closing of national borders. In an increasingly open world, ...


Cairo's Arts Scene Creeps Back, But Nowhere Close To Normal

Movie houses, music venues and art galleries are showing signs of life after a long lockdown. The...


The Kuikuro Beat COVID-19: Amazon's Indigenous Exception

An indigenous tribe in Brazil's Amazon region has seen plenty of coronavirus cases, but zero deaths.


COVID-19 Sunset: A German Exodus From Spain's Costa del Sol

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COVID-19 And Gender: More Women Face Long-Term Symptoms

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