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Photo Of The Week: This Happened In Washington D.C.

The United States has been driving news photo agency feeds around the world since last week's unprecedented scenes of a of pro-Trump mob storming the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. This ...


Like U.S., Brazil May See Strong Economic Bounce After COVID

The price, however, is being paid in lost lives.


Worldcrunch's 20 Most Popular Articles Of The Year

COVID Death Toll At 1.5 Million: A World United By Those We Lost WORLDCRUNCH Abidjan Postcard: Black Lives Matter, But They're Different Here JEUNE AFRIQUE Pandemic ...


How COVID-19 Exposed The Hard Questions About The Gig Economy

Consumers are convinced. Wall Street is buoyant. Demand around the world for app-based services is booming, with entire nations stuck at home during COVID-19 lockdowns and the prospect of goods ...


Digital VAT? A Tax Windfall If Latin America Finds Consensus

Countries like Argentina, Chile and Mexico have begun charging a value added tax (VAT) on digital...


Photo Of The Week: This Happened In Warsaw

Poland is a nation divided. On October, its constitutional tribunal ruled that terminating pregnancy due to fetal defects was unconstitutional, making abortion almost completely illegal in a ...


Billionaire Surveillance: China Tracks Its Tech Moguls

For a number of weeks now, Beijing has been trying to regain control of its internet heroes, who ...

United States

COVID-19's Essential Workers Shake Up Minimum Wage Debate

Why are some of society's most crucial employees still fighting to get paid a fair wage?


Flemish Fishers, Brexit And A 350-Year-Old Backup Plan

Authorities in Belgium say that regardless of how Brexit negotiations unfold, fishers from Bruges...


What Europe Gets All Wrong About Amazon

As the European Commission targets U.S. retail giant Amazon for alleged antitrust violations, Dav...


How The Gray Economy Slows Down The Data Revolution

In Latin America, where half of all jobs are off the books, businesses can't tap into the vast an...


As Iran's Economy Tanks, Leaders Remain Defiant

The leaders of the Islamic Republic say the economy will soon improve. But the numbers — the ...


COVID In Brazil, Cause And Effects Of Wealth Inequality

Rafaela Dutra was working in Rio de Janeiro's tourism industry and studying to become a nurse when the coronavirus arrived. A resident of the sprawling low-income favelas in the city's Zona Norte, ...


In Tunisia, A Digital Revolution For Agriculture Takes Root

A new crop of Tunisian engineers are coming up with clever ways to help farmers streamline their ...


A Disturbing Peek Inside Argentina's Horse Meat Industry

A new documentary uncovers some disturbing truths about the unregulated networks that provide mor...


How Mafia Money Helps Drive The Global Art Market

Valuable pieces of art have a special appeal to people in organized crime, both as trophies — ...


In China, The Post-COVID Boom Has Begun

How is the Chinese economy doing these days? Start by asking Louis Vuitton, whose flagship Beijin...


Coronavirus, One More Crisis For Italy's Forgotten Youth

A recent speech by former ECB chief Mario Draghi hit close to home in his native country.


COVID Recovery? End-Of-Summer Checkup On Travel Industry

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, no sector in the economy has been hit harder than the travel industry. Following rolling global lockdowns through last spring, and resulting border ...


How COVID-19 Has Changed Payments — And Could Kill Cash

The coronavirus outbreak has changed our relationship with work, health and… cash. The fear of contamination while handling coins and banknotes has accelerated a trend that had already been ...


Retailers And The Pandemic: Adapt Or Die

Consumer habits shifted dramatically as people sheltered in place. In-person shopping is picking ...


Germany's Economy Simply Cannot Afford Another Lockdown

What the country needs now is more targeted measures and clearer priorities from its politicians,...