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In China, The Post-COVID Boom Has Begun

How is the Chinese economy doing these days? Start by asking Louis Vuitton, whose flagship Beijin...


Coronavirus, One More Crisis For Italy's Forgotten Youth

A recent speech by former ECB chief Mario Draghi hit close to home in his native country.


COVID Recovery? End-Of-Summer Checkup On Travel Industry

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, no sector in the economy has been hit harder than the travel industry. Following rolling global lockdowns through last spring, and resulting border ...


How COVID-19 Has Changed Payments — And Could Kill Cash

The coronavirus outbreak has changed our relationship with work, health and… cash. The fear of contamination while handling coins and banknotes has accelerated a trend that had already been ...


Retailers And The Pandemic: Adapt Or Die

Consumer habits shifted dramatically as people sheltered in place. In-person shopping is picking ...


Germany's Economy Simply Cannot Afford Another Lockdown

What the country needs now is more targeted measures and clearer priorities from its politicians,...


A Door-To-Door Global Tour Of Delivery In COVID-19 Times

As the novel coronavirus races its way around the world, we are also witnessing a rush of changes in the delivery industry. No longer just an option, delivery has all but become a necessity during ...


The Ancient Art Of Debt Relief, A Brief History

Owing, it would seem, is a part of the human experience, and not just in modern times ... and so ...


How India Is Failing Its Most Essential Workers

From salary cuts to protective equipment shortages, frontline workers are having to protest and p...


How The Pandemic Pushed Up Prices On Some Luxury Goods

Rather than offer discounts, high-end brands like Chanel are asking even more for their products....


PEMEX And The President: AMLO Must Take On Mexico's Oil Giant

If the López Obrador government really wants to restore the state oil firm's status as a c...

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Iran's Deepening Isolation On The World Stage

The Islamic Republic foreign minister made a series of trips recently to shore up support among h...


Crisis Innovation: Business Exceptions That Prove The Rule

Throwback ideas and the next big thing are working for some, even as many other parts of the econ...


China's Ticking Time Bomb Of Mass Unemployment

Containing the COVID-19 outbreak came at a huge cost in terms of earnings and employment. And no ...


Why Modi's Big-Money Stimulus Package Isn't What It Seems

-Analysis- NEW DELHI — In a discussion on NDTV about the contents of the third tranche of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's stimulus package for the economy, Yogendra Yadav, one of India's ...


Bring It Home: A Post-Pandemic Recipe For "Reshoring" Industry

-OpEd- As the COVID-19 crisis swept its way across France, some of the products people needed the most — masks, respirators and key electronic components — simply weren't available. ...


Angela, Christine & Ursula: Three Wise Women Saving Europe

Which leaders will be remembered from this moment in history? So asks Catherine Chatignoux.


How The Pandemic Hooked A Nation On Teleworking

In France more than anywhere else, employees seem to find it difficult to give up teleworking to ...


How The Pandemic Is Helping Reinvent Food Production

Globalized supply chains may be good for businesses, but they're not always ideal for consumers, ...


COVID-19 Be Damned: How Poland Is Beating Another Crisis

Compared to other EU member states, Poland was barely affected by the international financial cri...


COVID-19 And The Case For Taxing India's Rich

To mitigate the high economic costs of the pandemic, it's time to demand greater contributions fr...


Germany's Economy Is A Bigger Risk Than Ever For EU Stability

Germany has the resources to weather the storm, but not everyone in Europe is convinced that's a ...