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NEW MOON - Nov. 24-30, 2014

(March 21 to April 19)

The New Moon in Sagittarius turns on your innate desire for conquest. There are no limits, you sail in the same wind that sustained the Columbus caravelle toward the discovery of the new continent. You are launched into the new with a confidence and enthusiasm that you have not felt in quite a while. Even in love, you are now emerging from a long hibernation, with a desire to try something more intense. For some, it will revive a relationship that has grown a bit atrophied. For others, it is to land like Columbus once did on a wholly new, unexplored continent.

TEMPO: allegrissimo con furore

(April 20 to May 20)

It's time to change skin, to let go of anything that is no longer part of your life. Under a sky of great change, it is time to wipe away the dust and welcome what is new into your life. Backed up by a beautiful Mars, able to fight your way through the roughest terrain, you are venturing into new horizons. The challenge of Saturn is almost definitively over. It leaves you more aware of who you are, what you want and where you want to go. Now that you know, it's time to let go of the weights and begin to soar!

TEMPO: Andante con moto

(May 21 to June 21)

The New Moon in Sagittarius shows major new professional scenarios. It is necessary to adjust your mark, especially in relationships with partners and collaborators. Create a new order and learn how to better share the duties and responsibilities so you can make the most of the many opportunities that the future holds. Even in amorous relationships there is the need to re-establish the roles, even with compromises if necessary.

TEMPO: allegretto rallentando

(June 22 to July 22)

A week supported by good energy. Creativity flies high, but in order to bring to bear the fruits of a new system, you will need to better organize your schedule. The usual routine, on the other hand, has left you tired, and you need to recalibrate. There may be some impatience with partners and collaborators, so measure your words and avoid jumping to conclusions. Also with a life partner, it is a better moment to play defense.

TEMPO: marcia moderata

(July 23 to August 22)

This stunning New Moon in trine to Sagittarius inaugurates a month of great energy and vitality. Your creativity could bring unexpected rewards. In the workplace there is great energy and enthusiasm. There is something new in love that awaits: flirting, dating, vitality, or if so inclined, even a possible child on the way.

TEMPO: vivacissimo con fuoco

(August 23 to September 22)

It's time to go back to your nest, you need to rediscover your roots and find some peace inside your home. The New Moon in Sagittarius pushes you to find a new balance in the way you live your domestic life. If your "living spaces" are under siege, it is the right time to speak out and appropriate them back. In your love relationships, it's time to share the family duties, and no longer carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

TEMPO: andantino marziale

(September 23 to October 23)

The New Moon in Sagittarius fosters contacts and proposals. They open "negotiations" that lead to the conclusion of contracts and cooperation agreements that can be very beneficial to the future of your career. In love, possible surprises for singles. Love is staring in your eyes, right where you’d least expect to find it. A friendship can become something more. Some friction is possible in family and parental affairs.

TEMPO: allegretto energico

(October 24 to November 20)

New Moon brings an air of many thoughts. A close relationship, whether friendship, of the heart or of professional collaboration, requires revision. Fair and visceral, your sign does not spare itself, and yet there is the need to rebalance the scale of what you do for others and what others do for you. If you begin to recognize your true value, you will know how to negotiate with more balance and reach more satisfying agreements.

TEMPO: adagio sostenuto

(November 21 to December 22)

Your image — lately a bit blurred — begins to redefine itself. Change the way others see you, but most of all, change the way you see yourself. You are more affable, charming and magnetic, but also better able to enforce the "boundaries” that are right for you. In a word, more self-assuredness For lonely hearts, it's time to go look around: surprises are around the corner.

TEMPO: veloce con fuoco

(December 23 to January 20)

This week you float in an atmosphere of anticipation and suspension. We are at the end of a cycle and a new one is about to begin. Time to take stock. What goals have you achieved in the year that are or are not coming to fruition? In your blood flows a powerful desire for revolution, to burn down the house of cards around you. Yes, the revolution will come, but you must start with small things and focus on your goals.

TEMPO: marcia rivoluzionaria

(January 21 to February 21)

Week of great socializing. You can get a lot if you let yourself go with the flow of the current happenings, social events and impromptu situations around you. Try to widen your circle of allies, it will be very useful in the coming months. Your attention is almost entirely focused on career success and recognition, and do not worry: they will come. Do not lose sight of the importance of relaxation and the value of "useless" things, as you pursue them for the sake of yourself.

TEMPO: crescendo maestoso

(February 22 to March 20)

This New Moon in Sagittarius opens a month of possible success in your work. Promotions, advancements or rewards are possible. It is important to dust off a little healthy sense of competition. You will feel many eyes on you — perhaps those of a leader who keeps an eye out to see if you can be entrusted with a promotion, or a colleague who is a bit jealous. Be strong! In love, there is the weight of responsibility that strains the heart. Try not to keep it all in and talk to your partner. His or her understanding will amaze you.

TEMPO: moderato con decisione

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FOCUS: Russia-Ukraine War

How The War Is Doing Long-Term Damage To Ukraine's Fertile Soil

Ukraine's fertile soils used to feed the world. But even when the war ends, food production will take decades to recover because of damage to the land.

Photo of a missile in the dirt

A tailpart of a missile sticks out of the ground in the village of Chornobaivka, near Kherson

Oleksandr Decyk and Vitaly Alekseev

KYIV — After the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, most of the world's consumers of agricultural products such as wheat, sunflower oil and corn suddenly learned that most of these products were grown in Ukraine. They also discovered that this is a country whose fertile lands feed a significant part of Africa and Europe.

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Without its wheat and sunflowers, many all over the world will starve to death. So, the war in Ukraine has become a world war. And even when the hostilities end, Ukraine will not be able to immediately resume feeding the world, as Russian troops are destroying the basis of its agriculture — chernozem soil.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, during the war in Ukraine, significantly degraded agricultural land increased by 13%. A significant percentage of the land is at risk of degradation. Scientists call it ecocide – the deliberate destruction of Ukraine's ecosystem. More than 200,000 hectares of territories in the combat zone are contaminated with mines, shells, and debris.

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