This Last Quarter Moon does not facilitate communication or dialogue. With Mars and Mercury (still in retrograde until the 12th) in Gemini there is a risk that the words come out badly, peppered with grit that could be mistaken for resentment. One word too many could blow up a deal. It's the same when it comes to the heart — be careful of outbursts. From the end of the week on, the stars will rearrange and this period will end a little bit as if suspended in nothingness.

TEMPO: adagetto frainteso

How strange: At the beginning of spring everything at work seemed like it was on track — but then delays sprung up, answers didn't arrive and transfers were postponed. It's as if someone pressed the "pause" button by mistake and what looked like a great movie was unexpectedly on hold. The good news is that from Friday, Mercury's retrograde will end and the movie returns to "play." And thanks to Venus in Leo, a romantic movie called The Summer That Can Change Your Life will begin! Happy viewings!

TEMPO: allegretto cinematografico

For several weeks now, work has been a roller coaster: accounts not adding up, answers delayed — a general organizational chaos. This disorder that has been confusing you finally comes to an end this week. Mercury returns, bringing clarity and control. Venus in Leo unlocks stalled negotiations and attracts new proposals. This summer promises some wonderful meetings for lonely hearts.

TEMPO: marcia ottimista

You are about to receive the light of the solar return. In a few weeks, the Sun will be back in your sign, triggering a new life cycle. This will inject some energy and vitality! In waiting for this important new beginning, this week rolls by, "suspended" between reflections and doubts or second thoughts. The melancholic mood will melt by Friday, bringing you back to the present. And while you roam in the hills of the memories, Venus enters your Second House, bringing fresh air to your finances, with proposals and fortunate occasions.

TEMPO: lento riflessivo.

A sky full of promises — and good opportunities to show what you're worth — continues. And it's now even more beautiful, as Venus catches up with Jupiter in your sign. The most beautiful and concrete phase of your year is coming with Jupiter, bringing fulfillment and proposals. And not just that, but for three months Venus will be in your sign, giving you a magnetic and irresistible charm, thanks to which many doors will open. This will usher in a great season for the heart; get going!

TEMPO: allegretto luminoso

With Mars and Mercury in a quadrated retrograde, your working life might look a little bit like a swing carousel. Everything is easier said than done, given that the seats are revolving faster and faster. And with Mars' quadrature, it's not just turning one way ... The good news is that this week the carousel is slowing and the seedlings begin to reappears, just like your goals when it comes to love: closer and more attainable.

TEMPO: frenetico rallentando

An important turning point is coming at work. A contract proposal would give consistency to a creative project that you hold dear. Economic conditions may be slightly less than desirable, and it's worth accepting a compromise: Everything is going OK, it just needs an initial push. Venus also restarts matters of the heart — a friend could become something more.

TEMPO: marcetta vivace

Venus and Jupiter bring milestones in life that will be achieved this summer, though not without sweat and tears. Much depends on age and stages of life, but there will be successes that will open doors at work. A degree or major promotion will allow you to leap forward. There is stress — inevitable at times of important growth — but an early confirmation by the end of the week will lighten your soul. Avoid accusations when it comes to love, they don't do anyone any good.

TEMPO: adagio di formazione

This last Quarter Moon will put your attention on your family. An old knot gets caught in the comb, but finally there's a solution. This will lighten your burden and you'll be able to seize the best gifts the summer sky has in store for you. At work, things start to turn better, with more speed and less delays. After initial confirmations, enthusiasm, energy and luck will return for better times!

TEMPO: accelerando con calma

Many born in this sign are trying to re-launch something with a new activity. The last few weeks have put a strain on patience, with permits or financial answers that didn't arrive and are slowing other things down. The good news is that since the middle of this week, things are beginning to unlock, as Venus enters into a new position that helps relationships with banks and other institutions. The stars are smiling at this new beginning. Try not to repeat previous mistakes and choose your parters and collaborators carefully. Everything will be OK.

TEMPO: marcia di rimonta

You have spent the last few weeks with a crowded mind, with frantic and confused ideas. Want to do a thousand things but are unsure where to start? Is everything seasoned with a pinch of anxiety? Don't worry, these are just symptoms of Mercury's retrograde, which fortunately from Friday will stop disturbing transmissions. Lucidity and humor will return, which will mainly benefit creative activities and communication. The opposition of Venus in Leo awakens the desire of even the most stubborn of lonely hearts.

TEMPO: rondò luminoso

You need to put a stop to stress. Between family, home, finances and work, it seems that in recent weeks anxiety and concern have been a shooting target. Fortunately, from Friday the situation will improve. But, here's some advice: Your sign tends to become a sponge that absorbs the emotions and currents of the world, so try to build a thicker armor that can filter the air you breathe. Luckily the new Venus, active throughout the summer, will smoothen the sharp corners both at work and in relationships.

TEMPO: e mo" basta!

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File:Parsin Gas and CNG Station in Karaj-Qazvin Freeway, Iran ...

Gas stations in many Iranian cities had trouble supplying fuel earlier in the week in what was a suspected cyberattack on the fuel distribution system. One Tehran daily on Thursday blamed Israel, which may have carried out similar acts in past years, to weaken Iran's hostile regime.

The incident reportedly disrupted the credit and debit card payments system this time, forcing users to pay cash and higher prices, the London-based broadcaster Iran International reported.

Though state officials didn't publicly accuse anyone specific, they did say perhaps this and other attacks had been planned for October, to "anger people" on the anniversary of the anti-government protests of 2019.

Khamenei, where's our gas?

Cheeky slogans were spotted Tuesday in different places in Iran, including electronic panels over motorways. One of them read "Khamenei, where's our gas?"

Iran International reported that Tehran-based news agency ISNA posted, then deleted, a report on drivers also seeing the message "cyberattack 64411" on screens at gas stations, purported to be the telephone number of the office of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

A member of parliament's National Security Committee, Vahid Jalalzadeh, said the attack had been planned months ahead, and had inflicted "grave losses," Iran International and domestic agencies reported Thursday. The conservative Tehran newspaper Kayhan named "America, the Zionist regime and their goons" as the "chief suspects" in the attack.

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