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LAST QUARTER MOON - Dec. 15-21, 2014

(March 21 to April 19)

The Final Quarter of the Moon will test your patience and perseverance. You can get just about anything, just as long as you manage to get an organized system in place — this requires patience. This is your "challenge" for the last quarter, and if you embrace it you will be rewarded.
TEMPO: allegro con pazienza

(April 20 to May 20)

It's time to drop some dead weight to help your balloon soar higher. Some friendships may get left behind, but the people with whom you can truly be yourself deserve to come aboard your Ark in the sky. Time to clear out, which can sometimes be tiring but very valuable. In love, Mercury returns to your favor beginning Dec. 17 and goes to join the beautiful Venus, who has already been active since Dec. 10.
TEMPO: andantino sollevato

(May 21 to June 21)

A period of "revision" has begun, and over the past few days you have already felt the first signs, with some sparks of tension. In love, there's perhaps a discussion to be had about the relationship. Some who are not satisfied with work are now pondering a change of course. Carefully consider the options that lie ahead because now, more than ever, we must look ahead.
TEMPO: adagetto con cautela

(June 22 to July 22)

In recent weeks, work has required maximum concentration and sucked out a lot of energy. You are working more than you should, but this commitment does not always bring the desired results. Worries at the job are likely to spill over into your love life: singles may sink away from socializing into their lonely hearts and those in relationships may feel hit by the no-nonsense attitudes of their partners.

TEMPO: marcia irritata

(July 23 to August 22)

Over the past few weeks the atmosphere has begun to sparkle a bit more. You are granted some healthy distractions from work, it may be new learning or some romantic and relaxing trips out of town. In short: you have thought about yourself. You are in a blessed period of recovery and you'll realize this even more next year. This week, however, there are some things to sweat over. Christmas is approaching and deadlines are piling up. From Dec. 17-19, there are moments of fatigue and chaos because of a Luna Storta (Bad Moon) from Scorpio. Customers, colleagues, superiors: everyone wants something from you.
TEMPO: vivace di corsa

(August 23 to September 22)

The last quarter of the Moon reflects back an image of you that's a bit faded and fatigued. Family management is busy, whether it’s finances or children. And often your partner doesn't offer the support you would like. Those with solid roots will stay solid, while those already in crisis begin to crack. Singles begin to ask why they're single. Dec. 20 is a day to deal lucidly and exhibit self-control. From next week, the sky will come back clear.
TEMPO: adagio con pazienza

(September 23 to October 23)

Mars pushes lonely hearts to explore new territories, but puts Venus and Mercury in an anxious position, restraining curiosity. Many singles launched new relationships — secret or complicated — and are now wondering whether or not to continue them. This week brings everything back down to earth. In some cases, it is work that recalls the obligations of reality. Don't give up, in January you'll be a star. When it comes to work, an important answer is arriving.
TEMPO: andantino con realismo

(October 24 to November 20)

Venus and Mercury have finally brought a dose of hope to lonely hearts. Dec. 19 and 20 will be superb, and you're about to receive an invitation to a spicy party or dinner that could reveal some fabulous encounters. Be sure to take a good look though: Mars has a role in this, and the other person may already be committed to someone else. Even at work Mars has some underhanded tricks. There's a risk of being irritable and argumentative with colleagues, or showing your boss your economic discontent. Whatever you do, you must be sure not to panic.
TEMPO: marcia di liberazione

(November 21 to December 22)

The Last Quarter of the Moon stimulates balance and reflection. Many born under this sign recently began a new love — and this time it's for real. For once you can put aside your pride and independence: the sky is in your favor, you can let go and get swept up in the tide. That same sky is also good for long-term couples, open to new possibilities. For those lonely hearts, welcome the weekend with delicious opportunities to meet people.

TEMPO: allegretto rinascimentale

(December 23 to January 20)

Venus and Mercury in your sign will give you the beauty and irony of Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Drink the love potion and, as if by magic, the desire to love will shine in you. This is a Last Quarter of the Moon that serves as a bridge toward a future of new ideas and inspiration. Couples leave behind the small crises they experienced in October and return to dream again of something more. At work, confirmations of your value, and even promotions, are coming. In short, everything is beginning again, and this time you'll be calling the shots.
TEMPO: allegro di liberazione

(January 21 to February 21)

Mars continues his ride in this sign fueling a renewed energy that hasn't been there for some time. Work brings you news that will give you wings. Over the past two years, there has been a split between what you wanted to do and what you ended up doing. Now is the time for a realignment. For some, this may seem like a risky leap, but for others, a thrilling and exciting revolution chased by time.

TEMPO: marcia rivoluzionaria

(February 22 to March 20)

There is a desire to fix things, especially in love. The Last Quarter of the Moon raises doubts about a relationship that has seen some backlash over the past few months. Still, there is the will to find a solution, and it’s better not to put your partner in front of an either/or situation: they won't always find the same spirit of understanding. Start by thinking about what you really want. Work has entered a phase of fluctuation. For those who are self-employed, it is important to find the right allies with whom you share efforts, responsibility and satisfaction. For employees, there are some tensions in the workplace, be careful not to butt heads.
TEMPO: adagio con cautela

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Photo of rescue teams trying to reach trapped residents inside collapsed buildings in Diyarbakir, after a 7.8 earthquake devastated southeastern Turkey and parts of Syria. An estimated 1,300 have died, with the death toll expected to mount.

Rescue teams in Diyarbakir, after a 7.8 earthquake devastated southeastern Turkey and parts of Syria, killing at least 1,500.

Anne-Sophie Goninet, Hugo Perrin and Inès Mermat

👋 Salibonani!*

Welcome to Monday, where a 7.8-magnitude earthquake kills more than 1,500 in southern Turkey and Syria, Iran pardons tens of thousands of prisoners, and Beyoncé makes Grammy history. Meanwhile, Ukrainian journalist Anna Akage lists the five reasons why Vladimir Putin may be planning a major assault on Ukraine before the end of the month.

[*Ndebele, Zimbabwe]

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