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FULL MOON - March 2-9

(March 21 to April 19)

A powerful desire for love leads you to out-of-the-ordinary situations. The pairing of Venus with Uranus now no longer permits you to shirk the passionate responsibilities of your heart. True, there are rivals, psychological resistance and obstacles, but trust me: You will have the energy to deal with everything and chose the right path. Work sees a revolutionary opportunity, and surprising news will come on March 3.

TEMPO: allegrissimo incalzando

(April 20 to May 20)

This week may re-open an old family issue, especially concerning children-parents relationship. An epiphany may lead to you to find a solution. Love, too, can be found: Lonely hearts would do well to socialize, particularly around March 5 or 6. Work is picking up — too bad for those who didn't believe in you!

TEMPO: moderato spiccato

(May 21 to June 21)

Despite the fact that this Full Moon is formed in conflict with your sign, this week may bring important news. Those looking for a job or new opportunities could be in for a good surprise around March 3 or 7. Those looking for love can see that a friendship is blossoming into something more. Accept compromises and go with the flow.

TEMPO: marcia animata

(June 22 to July 22)

It might be time to talk. In love, those experiencing a crisis can now ask for their partner's clarification. It's the same at work: Those who have had problems with their boss, or a colleague, can try to find a solution. But be careful: Tensions remain high and there is a risk of not being understood. A day to mark in red is Thursday, March 5. Perhaps you should postpone everything until the second half of the month.

TEMPO: adagio con stress

(July 23 to August 22)

Perseverance pays off! This week all initiatives, be they professional or personal, are blessed by the stars. You can push new ideas that will pay off well into the future. It's a week devoted mainly to work — but don't neglect the affairs of the heart. There will be surprise encounters, especially around March 3. A colleague might make your heart beat.

TEMPO: prestissimo dolce

(August 23 to September 22)

Your motto for this week is "I start with myself." The recent tensions have destabilized you and it is important that at this very moment you say out loud that you want to be GOOD. So, if you are in a period of crisis or doubt with your partner, it is worth speaking out and acting without delay — although, this entails the risk of breakup. At work, this is a week that can offer important opportunities for the reorganization of a more stable and rewarding future!

TEMPO: adagio rivoluzionando

(September 23 to October 23)

Work, albeit sometimes chaotic, has picked up again. But you must carefully consider the way forward. There are interesting proposals that will help heal finances, but in some ways oppress your desire for independence — and, in the end, are not really convincing. In love, there will be a lull and there are some distracting economic-familial issues. Watch out for arguments this weekend.

TEMPO: larghetto agitato

(October 24 to November 20)

This is a week of reawakening for lonely hearts, with the possibility of meetings around March 5, thanks to a beautiful Full Moon. To be fair, though, there is still an air of instability. More than anything else, transgressions that may arise in the work place and, in many cases, have the taste of revenge — especially for those who have suffered a recent disappointment in love. At work and finance-wise there is still a lot to do, but the beginning of a recovery could come towards the end of the week.

TEMPO: andante birichino

(November 21 to December 22)

The stars continue to be exceptionally favorable — but for some reason you feel unsatisfied. It's necessary to reach a compromise, without asking for the moon or waiting until Dec. 32. Call it a constructive "marriage" between dream and reality, between desire and assessing the present. It's a rational arrangement in which to put your heart, both at work and in your love life, launched at full speed towards succeeding. The beginning of the week brings surprises to lonely hearts, where they discover that love was right there in front of them.

TEMPO: allegretto rivelatore

(December 23 to January 20)

The Full Moon pushes you to focus your attention on future projects. There is a great desire to progress and consolidate a position, but every time you're about to spread your wings, something seems to hit the brakes. It's truly the moment to believe in your projects. The sky is beautiful, despite some passing clouds that, in the long term, make you nervous and flustered. Same advice in love, where the weekend is likely to deal a blow: Keep calm!

TEMPO: adagio controllato

(January 21 to February 21)

A garbled economic or familial situation might already come to a surprising resolution this week. There's a good opportunity for finances and job growth around March 6, especially for those who ponder a change of direction or supervision. The weekend will be special for lonely hearts, but also for couples who want to begin developing new family projects. The road continues to be uphill, but in the meantime you can lay the groundwork for something that will sprout after the summer.

TEMPO: allegretto in prospettiva

(February 22 to March 20)

A good concentration continues in the workplace, though with some challenges. Your patience is constantly challenged by your boss or a colleague, or by difficulties in obtaining the promotion you deserve. On March 5 — day of the Full Moon — intolerance will come to its peak. Those who are about to or have made changes "know what they leave behind, but don't know what they will find." Put your ideas in order and proceed step by step. Those in couples discuss economic difficulties, while lonely hearts — distracted by work — don't look around like they should …

TEMPO: andantino insofferente

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Parenthood And The Pressure Of Always Having To Be Doing Better

As a father myself, I'm now better able to understand the pressures my own dad faced. It's helped me face my own internal demands to constantly be more productive and do better.

Photo of a father with a son on his shoulders

Father and son in the streets of Madrid, Spain

Ignacio Pereyra*


When I was a child — I must have been around eight or so — whenever we headed with my mom and grandma to my aunt's country house in Don Torcuato, outside of Buenos Aires, there was the joy of summer plans. Spending the day outdoors, playing soccer in the field, being in the swimming pool and eating delicious food.

But when I focus on the moment, something like a painful thorn appears in the background: from the back window of the car I see my dad standing on the sidewalk waving us goodbye. Sometimes he would stay at home. “I have to work” was the line he used.

Maybe one of my older siblings would also stay behind with him, but I'm sure there were no children left around because we were all enthusiastic about going to my aunt’s. For a long time in his life, for my old man, those summer days must have been the closest he came to being alone, in silence (which he liked so much) and in calm, considering that he was the father of seven. But I can only see this and say it out loud today.

Over the years, the scene repeated itself: the destination changed — it could be a birthday or a family reunion. The thorn was no longer invisible but began to be uncomfortable as, being older, my interpretation of the events changed. When words were absent, I started to guess what might be happening — and we know how random guessing can be.

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