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FIRST QUARTER MOON - Dec. 1-7, 2014

(March 21 to April 19)

The week starts with an unusual sense of melancholy. The First Quarter Moon in Pisces shows you the challenges you'll face in order to learn the teachings of the month. It’s a lesson of independence and an exploration of new territories. The downside may be a sense of loss and loneliness. Many born in the sign recently had important decisions to make about a relationship, and are returning from a temporary separation or even a final break.

TEMPO: allegretto solitario

(April 20 to May 20)

This week will teach you a lot about yourself. In the workplace, contacts increase and it will be important to indulge a little in your social life. Yours is a sign that loves to stay on its own, but these days it is important to be attentive to others. An open circle of friends and acquaintances can be very important. You may even find yourself in love, and it will be a wonderful discovery.

TEMPO: andante con fiducia

(May 21 to June 21)

The others are a mirror in which to see your own image more clearly. Through your relationships and your professional collaborations you will discover a lot about yourself. In the workplace, you may need to more carefully choose your allies, and better discern the people who do and don’t deserve your loyalty. We must learn to work together and delegate to others.

TEMPO: allegro non troppo

(June 22 to July 22)

A week characterized by a dilemma. On the one hand the routine is getting too narrow, on the other hand there is a certain fear to let go toward the new. For some, the dilemma concerns work, where perhaps some compromise begins to be a burden. It may involve a troubled relationship with colleagues, or more likely a partner or collaborator whose intentions are not entirely clear. Follow your intuition.

TEMPO: marcetta dubbiosa

(July 23 to August 22)

There is a will to share, and to avenge the past two years, weighed down by the burden of Saturn. The climate is still uncertain: one day things seem to be going again in the right direction, while the day after there are new delays slowing you down. The desire to take a shortcut and risk everything is strong. But with respect to those who are close to you, play your cards right. And make good use of your charm, which right now is through the roof.

TEMPO: vivace strategico

(August 23 to September 22)

This week starts with a few small clouds of anxiety. Maybe your love partner is uncooperative, and disrespectful of your efforts. Or it might be a colleague not taking responsibility, and hoisting loads of work on your shoulders. In any case, it is a week that sees you combative. These energies — used in a constructive way — can help you restore the balance between what you do for others and what is right to expect in return. Used in a destructive way, a husband may wind up tossed out the window!

TEMPO: andante con grinta

(September 23 to October 23)

Week of possible twists on the job front. Maybe a proposal, perhaps an old project that is just starting back up. Be ready. Finances are still a concern, and organization of your life is far from perfect. Try to bring order. For many born in the second decan, there may be a new love in the air ... so why are you putting up resistance?

TEMPO: andante deciso

(October 24 to November 20)

Some possible uncertainty about who you are and what you're worth really can restrain the spontaneous expression of your feelings and your emotions. In professional relationships, you can be determined and glowing, but when it comes to letting yourself go a bit, something blocks you. What scares you? Your time in the company of Saturn is almost over, and it's time to breathe a sigh of relief and regain a bit of confidence.

TEMPO: adagio indeciso

(November 21 to December 22)

A new image is emerging. Day after day it is defined, strengthens and tries to express itself. It is an image that could shake those around you, from family to friends of long standing. They could make it hard for you to recognize yourself as you really are. There is a desire to broaden your horizons and to conquer new territories, even if this were to result in a small "betrayal" of your heritage, or traditions, or what you have always been. Take all the doubt, guilt, and preoccupations, and throw them away!

TEMPO: velocissimo conquistatore

(December 23 to January 20)

Your week will pose some difficulties of communication and personal expression. Do not stand there in the corner brooding. What worries you? Sometimes there is a feeling that things are finally taking off, especially in the professional field. On the other hand there are constant, unexpected delays. One step forward, two steps back. But this cycle will pass! Do not let a few setbacks take away your confidence and self-esteem.

TEMPO: marcia furiosa

(January 21 to February 21)

The pace of things will accelerate, a Giant Slalom between commitments and tasks to achieve. There is a growing amount of work and the rewards will grow as well. A bit of stress is inevitable. All your attention is required to deal with this tsunami of opportunities and contacts. Keep hold of your priorities, and if something does not convince you, there is no reason not to say "no" and focus your energy on what really matters. Sentimentally, a friend might become something more.

TEMPO: crescendo agitato

(February 22 to March 20)

A great period of planetary concentration in career and professional success continues. Promotions, awards and recognition are in the air! The challenge launched by the first-quarter Moon is this: If you can get in the game, do so with determination and confidence in your abilities, and it will pay off. Transits are quite favorable, but we need your active participation to trigger their formidable power.

TEMPO: andante sicuro

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Modi Is Wrong: Russia's War Also Creates Real Risks For India

By shrugging aside Russia’s aggression, India has shown indifference to fears that China could follow Russia’s example.

Photo of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visits Russia

Anita Inder Singh*


NEW DELHI — India is wrong to dismiss Russia’s war in Ukraine as Europe’s problem. The illegality and destructiveness of the invasion, and consequential food and energy crises, have global ramifications.

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This explains why 143 out of the 193 member-states of the UN General Assembly voted against recognizing Russia’s illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions after holding sham referenda there. Ninety-three voted in favor of expelling Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

India has abstained from every vote in the UN condemning Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. The reason? Moscow is India’s top arms supplier and some 70% of India’s military platforms are of Russian origin.

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