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Perils And Convenience Of A Microchip Implant In Your Hand

Big Brother, if and when he arrives, will start out looking small. Take that mundane office badge or key card you use to pass security before entering your office. Rather than having to carry ...


How Our "Education Genes" Decline While Collective IQ Rises

BERLIN — Is our intelligence determined by our genes? That’s the question driving genetic and psychological research ever since these scientific disciplines were born. But to this day, the ...


A Trump-Era Brain Drain? U.S.-Based Scientists Eye Switzerland

Foreign scientists working in the U.S. are seeking job prospects in Switzerland as they contempla...


Pushing The Limits Of Weather Forecasting

Climate change is giving meteorologists an added incentive to make accurate, ever more timely pre...

United States

Skip A Heartbeat, Why Medical Implants Can Be Easily Hacked

PARIS — Here’s some terrible news for millions of people around the world who need pacemakers, insulin pumps or electrodes that relieve chronic pain or symptoms of Parkinson's disease: These ...

United Kingdom

How Underwater Cables Power The Internet Across The Atlantic

Nearly all of the data sent between continents goes through fiber optic cables that reside at the...


Uber, Didi And The Ride-Hailing World War

SAO PAULO — The hatchet has been dug up. No surprise there. The truce brought about in the ride-hailing war by Didi Chuxing's acquisition of Uber's Chinese operation in August was only ever going ...

Hong Kong

Why People In Hong Kong Live Really Long Lives

Hong Kongers really like soup. Is that the secret to their long leases on life?


Welcome To The Trumpocene

A guiding principle of modern democracy holds that a system of checks and balances helps prevent any single person or faction from making radical changes to the existing order. That the wheels of ...


Privacy Violated, When Your Life Is Exposed And You’re The Last To Know

Family pictures, porn, German armed forces' internal data – openly accessible on the in...


Reaching Immortality, But Would We Even Want That?

The promise of eternal life gets a boost from the latest technologies, but there are troubling qu...


Math Is Taking Over The Economy, That’s A Good Thing

PARIS — Find the distribution of random paths on a directed graph. Of course, when you say it like that, such a problem will hardly excite the masses. But if you had managed to ...


Can A Bottled Spray Ensure That Your Lover Stays Faithful?

GENEVA — Beloved French singer Edith Piaf probably wasn't aware of it but what made her see “La ...


A Dirty Path From Smuggled Cigarettes To Terror Attacks

BERLIN – Organized crime syndicates have long smuggled drugs and cigarettes. Their distribution strategy is so effective that police around the world have a hard time tracing ...


Students Need New Mentality, Skill Set To Enter Job Market

How the future of education, and work, look to an Argentine university rector.


In China, Local Governments Crack Down On Sharing Economy

Mirroring some of the battles Uber has faced in cities around the world, local car-hailing apps i...


In Sweden, A More Hands-On Approach To Premature Births

Swedish hospitals are a model for a more natural, less clinical approach to caring for newborn an...


Speed And Anonymity On The Internet Is Killing Truth

The great paradox of our time is that we've never had access to so much information, and ...


Take 5 — Water Innovation Around The World

Droughts, demographics, ...


Chile Creates Latin America's Largest Marine Park

In August, Chile broadened the protected sea zones under its watch to create a marine park that covers an area of 300,000 square kilometers, the largest such ...


Urban Planning For The Ages, Buenos Aires Gets Senior-Friendly

BUENOS AIRES — This city wants to make itself a kinder, friendlier place for the elderly, with plans to improve urban infrastructure and promote common-sense practices to ...


Extreme Body Images On Instagram Raise Eating Disorder Fears

"Ab crack," "thigh gap," "bikini bridge" — these new body tre...