Based in Geneva, Le Temps ("The Times") is one of Switzerland's top French-language dailies. It was founded in 1998 as a merger among various newspapers: Journal de Geneve, Gazette de Lausanne and Le Nouveau Quotidien.


Play-Doh To Plato, A Case For Teaching Philosophy To Young Kids

Introducing deep thoughts to early child education can pay off later.


India’s Venerated Tea Is Latest Victim Of Climate Change

DIBRUGARH — A blazing sun is shining on Jyoti Khaund's plantation, where rows of green foliage stretch as far as the eye can see. This hot and damp district in the Brahmaputra Valley, in the ...


Brains Before Beauty? Sapiosexuals Search For IQ Heat

GENEVA — Sapiosexual. The word only recently emerged from Internet limbo to warrant real-world study. It defines a sexual orientation. Namely, that of a person who will be sexually attracted to ...


The Importance Of Fragility In The Era Of Augmented Man

-Essay- LAUSANNE — The cult of the strong man is back at the forefront of our societies, albeit in different forms. There are strong-man politicians, military leaders, even autonomous ...


From The Baltics To Poland, Militias Rising Against Russian Threat

The arrival of Russia-friendly Donald Trump in the White House has heightened concerns that Mosco...


Excalibur To Australian Open, An Ode To The Knights Of Tennis

Like the jousting events of the Middle Ages, modern-day tennis tournaments combine skill and cour...


Donald Trump, Narcissist-In-Chief

-OpEd- GENEVA — When it comes to choosing a future leader, a candidate's personality tends to be as important as his or her proposed policies. In the case of Donald J. Trump, the political ...

United States

Obama’s Shadow, White House Photographer Pete Souza Looks Back

Pete Souza has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Life and National Geographic. He's covered the war in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks and the beginning of Barack Obama's Senate career. He's been ...