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Cyber Security — Is The Internet A Sitting Duck?

-Analysis- MUNICH — The recent attacks on the Internet would be great material for a movie. But it would be more a horror film than action flick — and it could be a low-budget production since ...


Another Grandma On A Bike? Why It's Hard To Market To Seniors

The over-50 age group holds enormous purchasing power, yet advertising aimed at older people ofte...


Wisdom Doesn’t Come With Age, But It Can Be Learned By All

Waiting and hoping that wisdom will come with time is futile. You have to work at it.


A Call To Philosophers: Join The Fray, Help Fix Our World

Our era of authoritarian rulers and "alternative facts" makes the guiding light of philosophy mor...


The Real Scoop: Our World Is Far Better Off Than We Think

MUNICH — What a crappy year you were 2016. With your terrorist attacks, the British going mad with Brexit and the Americans electing a Twitter troll as commander-in-chief. In Syria and other war ...


Sorry Davos, Xi Jinping Is Not Your Free Trade Savior

-OpEd- Is this China’s big moment? The World Economic Forum in Davos is welcoming Chinese president Xi Jinping as a special guest. It’s the first time a Chinese leader has attended the event. ...

United Kingdom

How Underwater Cables Power The Internet Across The Atlantic

Nearly all of the data sent between continents goes through fiber optic cables that reside at the...


Admit It, You’ve Already Ditched Your New Year’s Resolution

MUNICH — After tallying the results of Santa’s wish list comes the next step: wishful thinking. With the turning of the calendar comes another New Year full of hopes and expectations as the list ...