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Play-Doh To Plato, A Case For Teaching Philosophy To Young Kids

Introducing deep thoughts to early child education can pay off later.


Another Grandma On A Bike? Why It's Hard To Market To Seniors

The over-50 age group holds enormous purchasing power, yet advertising aimed at older people ofte...


An After-Hours Visit To The Champs-Elysées Seedy Sister Street

Rue de Ponthieu is one of the French capital's choice spots for late-night partying. But it a...


Up-Pill Battle, Brazilian Women Want Men To Use Contraception

SAO PAULO — When the contraceptive pill first appeared in the 1960s, it was celebrated as a symbol of sexual freedom for women. But an increasing number of women in Brazil now see it very ...


Holy Bones, Why We're Obsessed With Relics

The office of the bishop of Wurzburg recently received the rib of Saint Aquilinus. But why are th...


Brains Before Beauty? Sapiosexuals Search For IQ Heat

GENEVA — Sapiosexual. The word only recently emerged from Internet limbo to warrant real-world study. It defines a sexual orientation. Namely, that of a person who will be sexually attracted to ...


Wisdom Doesn’t Come With Age, But It Can Be Learned By All

Waiting and hoping that wisdom will come with time is futile. You have to work at it.


How Egypt's Revolution Lifted A Veil On Sexual Violence

The promise of the Tahrir Square protests has been largely unfulfilled. Yet there is some progres...


Pink Tax, Why Women’s Products Cost More

MUNICH — At first sight, it looks like a real bargain buy: five disposable razors for 85 cents, with Aloe-Vera sliding strips, "ideal for the bikini line." No hesitation, the pink razors are in ...


Egypt’s Upcycling Design, Hipster Touch In Ancient Land

CAIRO — Strolling through Lisbon's hilltop alleys in 2008, I came across a shop selling uniquely designed "upcycled" products, things made by reusing material that would otherwise be discarded. ...


From Rafts To Riches, Refugees In Italy Dream Of Soccer Stardom

ORISTANO — Club scouts and retired players from across Italy have come to this town on the Italian island of Sardinia to find new soccer talent among recently arrived African migrants. They offer ...


Who’s Left Behind In New Global Arms Race? Old Europe

France has long been the only country in continental Europe to invest in its military. Though oth...


Excalibur To Australian Open, An Ode To The Knights Of Tennis

Like the jousting events of the Middle Ages, modern-day tennis tournaments combine skill and cour...


New Monday, New World: Russia Is In Charge

Well that was quite a first weekend. After Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, an estimated two million people took to the streets worldwide to protest against the controversial new president, ...


Egyptian Sex Abuse Victims Ask: Should I File Charges?

CAIRO — When one woman was sexually harassed this month in Cairo, she made an unusual move: she came to an informal agreement with her attacker’s family and juvenile prosecutors to drop charges on ...


In Afghanistan, Fighting To End Slavery Of Virgin Girls

"Baad" is a tribal tradition through which a woman is offered as compensation if her relative com...


After 40 Years, Bidding Adieu To Versailles

VERSAILLES — With the attention to detail that comes with doing something for the last time, Béatrix Saule checks on the 200 clocks that chime one after another. She unfolds a shutter to protect ...


Why The World's Largest Country Is Struggling With Infertility

BEIJING — It's been more than a year since China abolished the one-child policy ntroduced in 1979 to control the population. The politburo came up with a new two-child policy and simplified the ...


In Brazil, A Prison Riot Written On The Wall In Gang Blood

All signs say the 56 prisoners killed inside the Anisio Jobim Prison Complex are part of an ongoi...


Inside Indonesian Kitchens, A Story About The Archipelago

From the rich peanut sauce of gado-gado to the spicy tang of the fried rice nasi goreng, Indonesi...


"Hygge" The Curious Story Of Danish Happiness

If Nordic people are the happiest people in the world, it is thanks to the state of welfare and c...


Sagrada Familia, A Battle For Barcelona’s Soul

The architectural icon begun by Antoni Gaudi in the late 19th century is still incomplete. Now ci...