Can The Catholic Church Prevent A New Congolese Civil War?

It seems only the Church has managed to curb the ambitions of recent Congolese rulers Mobutu and Joseph Kabila. Now Church leaders are trying to peacefully nudge Kabila from power to avoid the bloodshed many are predicting.

What Nobel Prize Winner Naguib Mahfouz Can Teach Us Egyptians

-Essay- 1988 As usual I sat at the front, close to the blackboard because I’m short-sighted, and to the left, so the teacher’s body wouldn’t hide what he wrote. On that particular day ...


Globalization As Ideology Is Dead And Buried

Donald Trump is not the free market's executioner, but a coroner appointed to quietly confirm its demise. Sadly, in its place, is a gaping void of alternatives.


It May Be Time For Brazil To Follow Trump’s Protectionist Lead

-OpEd- SAO PAULO — Donald Trump is horrifying. Still, there's a part of his package that could be quite useful to have in Brazil. I'm referring to the president-elect's threats against ...


Rohingya And The Risks Of Radicalization

-Analysis- Looking at some of the world’s intractable problems today, we often wish that governments had done things differently in the past. In the future, we may be looking back with similar ...

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Skip A Heartbeat, Why Medical Implants Can Be Easily Hacked

PARIS — Here’s some terrible news for millions of people around the world who need pacemakers, insulin pumps or electrodes that relieve chronic pain or symptoms of Parkinson's disease: These ...

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Welsh Ward

On the northwestern coast of Wales, my wife Claudine was pacing the ramparts of Harlech Castle, looking out toward the peaceful Welsh countryside. Some 700 years ago, watchmen walking the same ...

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Donald Trump's Long History With Russia

WASHINGTON, DC — President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that he has "NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA - NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!" Trump, however, has a long history with Russia, trying ...


In Turin, Good News Buried With A Lover’s Bench

TURIN — Riding their bicycles along the banks of the Po river last Sunday, a university professor and his wife came upon a scene that caught their attention: A man and a woman, armed with shovel ...

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Watching The Trump Storm From Across The Atlantic

-OpEd- PARIS — As far as beginnings go, this is a terrible start. As a matter of fact, it's going badly before it has even started. Though American politics has no shortage of scandals, this is ...

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How Underwater Cables Power The Internet Across The Atlantic

Nearly all of the data sent between continents goes through fiber optic cables that reside at the bottom of the ocean. It's a delicate and costly, but essential, network for our daily lives and work.


Egyptian Sex Abuse Victims Ask: Should I File Charges?

CAIRO — When one woman was sexually harassed this month in Cairo, she made an unusual move: she came to an informal agreement with her attacker’s family and juvenile prosecutors to drop charges on ...


Plastic Trees

The sap harvested from these Pará rubber trees on the Indonesian island of Java coagulates in the yellow collection cups, and voilà, here's your rubber latex. Or as we say in France, caoutchouc ...


Uber, Didi And The Ride-Hailing World War

SAO PAULO — The hatchet has been dug up. No surprise there. The truce brought about in the ride-hailing war by Didi Chuxing's acquisition of Uber's Chinese operation in August was only ever going ...


Life In Norilsk, A Frozen Gulag Turned Mining Town

NORILSK — The belly of Mother Russia is most fertile 1,000 meters underground and 300 kilometers north of the polar circle. Outside, the temperature can drop as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit. But ...

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World Economy 2017 Forecast: Lost In The (Bretton) Woods

-Analysis- PARIS — Last year was full of surprises across the world: a spike of protectionist fever in the United States at the instigation of Donald Trump, an anti-globalization wave of ...


In Afghanistan, Fighting To End Slavery Of Virgin Girls

"Baad" is a tribal tradition through which a woman is offered as compensation if her relative commits a crime.

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Trump’s Aggressive Handshake Diplomacy

The refrain has continued ever since Donald Trump stunned the world with his election victory: “But what will he actually do?” As the two-plus month interregnum winds down, ahead of the Jan. 20 ...